Saturday, September 03, 2005

Recent Prayers of The Scofield Kids

So, something that I have loved to do for years is quote my children in thier own special quote books, and well, as of late it has been thier prayers that have been most worthy of quotin. I thought for everyones enjoyment and the lighter side of life I would share some of them with you all.
Solomon- "Momma, I prayed for to Jesus , that for my birwfday that He would send snow and fireworks."
Chloe at lunch-"Dear Lord I pray that you keep us healthy with this good food and more good foods like fruit is healthy, and brocolli is healthy, and milk is healthy, and you Jesus you are healthy ......right Momma??" "Right Chloe"
Emma at bedtime-"I pray for our friends Promise,Samantha, and Nikki that they would feel right at home in thier new home in Oregon and that if that don't that would come back home to thier home in Reno."
Chloe after first day of kindergarten-"Lord thank you for my good day and my new lots of friends, and tomorrow that I go again to school so I will know my friends names.


Jeni said...

That was great! Thanks for giving me a good laugh!

JayBird said...

that just warms the heart. recently i've been implementing "simpler" prayers through-out the day. i'm so jealous of my girls' simplicity sometimes. thanks for sharing that noel. i liked it a lot.

shontell said...

lol. your kids are so funny. thats why we all just go together. they are nuts and we are nutso. i love it. i need you to give me those good quotes and prayers when i really start writing my book

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