Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Reasons why I love Jesus #2 , His Extravagant Love

His love is extravagant. It is more than any words could ever describe and to even try to describe in words the way that Jesus loves is almost futile,weak at best. There truly are no words that do it justice but one that comes a lil close to me and also a word that seems to keep being highlighted in life right now is extravagant.
Websters describes extravagant like this-
Exceeding reasonable bounds
Extremely abundant
Straying beyond limits or bounds
These descriptions begin to describe another reason why I love Jesus. That He FIRST loved me, while I was not nearly as in love with Him as I am now is extravagant. That He never stops loving me even when my actions don't show my love for Him is extravagant. That in every detail of this life, behind every corner He is revealing His love to me is extravagant.
The song from Darrell Evans "Your love is extravagant"is one that has become a new favorite.
"Your love is extravagant
Your friendship intamate
I find myself moving to the rhythms of your grace
Your love is extravagant"
I love Jesus because of the way He loves me. I want to love the way He loves. I want to love the unlovely, the ones who don't love me, the ones who don't love me first, the ones who may never love me or YOU Jesus . I want to love them the way you do and by doing so I want to show my love. My love for you Jesus can never compare but all the days of my life I want to spend every ounce of who I am, who you created me to be, to love you and others in only the ways that I can.
Thank you Jesus for your extravagant love.


TPluckyT said...

I like that song too, but my all time favorite Darrell Evans song is "I Am In Love With You", track 4 on his Freedom CD. Actually, that whole CD is great.

digapigmy said...

that is very deep. words fall very short in many situations, and pretty much any time you try to describe something about God.

you start sounding very preacher like when you look up words in the dictionary to prove some kind of point. as soon as you start going into hebrew, we'll have to promote you or something.

noel said...

i'm finding the dictionary to be my new friend. mostly cause i don't really know what most words mean. hee hee . i use alot of them everyday and thought ya know i should probably really know all these big word mean.

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