Monday, October 22, 2018

Questions, Comments, and Prayers (that keep me up at night)

These are the questions and some of my internal commentary that wakes me up at 2am after I have worked my body to the point of utter exhaustion and there is no other reason to be awake at 2am other than my brain just won't shut off. 

-Does a full moon really keep one awake?
 There is one out tonight, and sometimes I have to wonder is this a legitimate thing?
Am I a werewolf and maybe is this how the legends of werewolves started?
I'm certainly hairy enough to be a werewolf now that I've let my Fall/Winter legs go.
God bless Moses for loving me and my Hairy Werewolf legs! 
Why is my husband never bothered by my unshaven or shaven body parts?
Why am I thinking about hairy body parts?

Is it really wrong to eat pizza at 2am... well now it's 4am is this an ok time to eat?
Shouldn't one eat whenever they feel hunger?
Why is my body hungry at 2am?
Oh, yea that's right because I only ate 1 piece of pizza at our somewhat normal dinner time tonight that was around 8p, and before that I only ate half of a baked potato that the students of McQueen baked and my "other" dad Vinnie shared with me.
Man, how I love Vinnie Oakes.
Is he sleeping right now I wonder?
I know my own dad isn't sleeping right now. 
I would call him only I don't want to wake the rest of house, and ....also he never answers his phone anyways.
I love how my dad calls me all hours of the day and sometimes several times a day and leaves THE funniest voicemail messages that I save.
Should I be saving all these messages?
Is that why my phone is acting so Janky?
Nah, it's probably the pictures that I still haven't downloaded onto my computer here at home from LAST Christmas. 
I love my dad. 
I love all good dads.
I'm gonna miss the dads in my life when I no longer get their messages or their emails (Vinnie's emails)
that I save. 
Is my Uncle Bob going to be ok?
God please let him be ok. 
God please let him be more that ok. 
God please give us all more time with Uncle Bob. 
I love my Uncle Bob. 
I love all my Uncles. 
I'm so grateful for the good men in my life. 

Will I be able to ride this next wave of life?
I love waves.
I love to look at waves and have never ONCE tried to actually physically ride a wave.
Is this because I'm not brave, or because I know my body and it's limits all too well?
I'm seriously one of THE most uncoordinated humans on planet earth. 
I can't believe I've never rode a wave.
Maybe it's because I'm a native Nevadan desert girl and the only waves around here that  I could catch are in Lake Tahoe?
Nah, cause I've also never skied. 
Is that how you spell Ski'd ?
No... skied spells the sky but... wait how come my friend spell check isn't helping me out here?
Maybe my friend Spell Checky is sleeping right now?
Good for you S. Checky! 
Oh I see a red dotted line up there under Checky .... hmmm so YOU ARE AWAKE too Checky? 
Well, now I'm talking to the computer ... evidence that one should be sleeping right now.
I might delete this blog in the morning, but who really reads blogs anymore anyways?

I miss my friend Allie.
I will try to call her tomorrow cause I still can.
I miss my friend Christeeny... something fierce. 
I can't call her tomorrow and tell her how fun it was to spend the weekend with so many elderly crafter people that truly amaze me.
I wonder what you're up to right now Christene. 
I feel you with me.
I know you're still with me. 
I hope you are hanging with the best of the best in Heaven and that unlike the Netflix show The Good Place you get to cuss up there.
"Holy Mother Forking Shirt Balls!" is pretty damn fun to say though. 
I embroidered that quote from that show and I know it's one that would make you laugh.
It made ALOT of people laugh this weekend, and that made me smile. 
That is a successful embroidered creation in my book. 
There are so many quotes I want to still embroider in this life, but that is one that has already truly become a favorite.
Holy Mother Forking Shirt Balls it's Late... or actually now it's early!

This is a terrible pic, but it's the only one I have on my phone ... this is what happens when you take a late night photo and text it to your friends... you cut off the "G" in Forking!
Ah well ... who cares I'm gonna add it to this rant cause it makes me happy to see it again. 
I should probably try to get a few more hours of shut eye before I get up and take the boys to school, but before I do I just want to say that although my head is fuzzy from sleep deprivation, my heart is full. 
And, once again my favorite fall movie You've Got Mail needs to be quoted here, 

"I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void. 
So goodnight, dear void"


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