Monday, March 26, 2018

Anchor Deep

I've been quiet on here, as I let the steam room of my soul build up again to share with you beloved reader.

I started reading Max Lucado's Six Hours One Friday on Palm Sunday.

This book is one of my all time favorites that I often pick up again the week before Easter Sunday.
It's the perfect book for my soul as I remember that some 2000 years ago, "three spikes and a wooden beam gave hope to humanity."

This time, while reading I was struck by the simplicity of the beginning of this book where a young Max describes a storm in Florida that he and some friends tried desperately to save his boat from a hurricane headed their way.  Their attempts would have been futile had it not been for the advice from an older sailor who told them not to tie the boat to land, or trees, or themselves(LOL)! He warned that these things would surely blow away, but instead to "ANCHOR DEEP" for this would be their only hope to save the tiny boat.

It made me remember with profound gratitude the Anchor I have had for some 30 years now. 

With gratitude and pen and paper....

I wrote this in my journal;

Remembering 30 years ago when for the first time YOU became real to me. 
You took on flesh and bone as the shape of A SAVIOR became MY SAVIOR. 
I was SO young I didn't even know then what exactly I was being saved from, but I know now. 
The heartache and despair that would've otherwise been my life is now my song of praise.

As I myself in seasons of doubt have turned to vices and idols that brought temporary comfort,
I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt YOU and YOU alone, are where I anchor deep.
And even as I have seen others be taken out by the weeds of this world, still I look to YOU for the hope of a new day.

This story also reminded me of one of my grandmothers favorite children's songs;

Row row row your boat
gently down the stream
Merrily merrily merrily 
Life is BUT a dream

There isn't a storm of catastrophe headed my way, but rather of change.
Good and healthy changes are headed my way.
Still, big changes for this sentimental heart, whether good or bad are hard for me.
As I prepare to head into a very busy season of getting our second daughter Chloe graduated, I'm grateful for the reminder to Anchor Deep in the source of my hope and peace. 

Chloe will turn 18, on May 16th, and her older sister Emma will turn 20 on May 28th. 
Chloe flies out this week to visit her sister Emma who now lives back in Seattle, and so our family of 6 will only be 4 on Easter Sunday. 
For the first time in all these years we won't be together on this day that is very much about faith and family. 
I'm reminded once again, that as our family grows; healthy, strong, and independent of us, that despite the fact that our landscape will change our Anchor will hold us tightly together for all eternity. 

Oh beloved reader, how grateful I am for reminders of hope and encouragement as the seasons of life change. 
My sentimental heart needed these reminders this week, and maybe if your reading this yours might need the reminder too.

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