Tuesday, November 25, 2014

So This Just Happened.

Over this past weekend something really big happened in our household.
Even though my 16 year old daughter told me over and over it wasn't a big deal somehow my heart did not get that memo.

I tried to hold it together.
I really did.
But then this happened.
She pinned a flower on a boy. 
Who told her she could do that?
Oh wait, I guess we did. 
That's right it's all coming back to me now.
We were sitting at the kitchen table I'm pretty sure I had only one cup of coffee flowing thru my veins when she asked her dad and I if she could go to the JA dance with a "friend" who is a boy.
Now, in my defense I did say that I only had ONE cup of coffee.
Mom's cannot be held responsible for anything they say until the SECOND cup of coffee is consumed.

Obviously that rule didn't pan out here because,
WE said yes!
The plural word there being WE.
The operative word there being "SAID."
The debatable word there being YES.
We said it, but my heart didn't really mean it.
I mean .... 
What I meant to say is ...
NO you cannot go to any dances with any boys.
NO you cannot wear a dress so beautiful and look so stunning that it takes my breath away.
NO you cannot pin a flower on a boy when you were dressing up dolls like yesterday.
NO you cannot drive away in a car with that boy when you were just learning to ride your bike a minute ago.
NO you cannot grow up.
Can I do that?
I mean, can I take it all back?
That's a rhetorical question.
I realize that I can't turn back time and say no where I previously said yes.
I realize I can't stop this train, thank you very much John Mayer.
I just, well I just wish sometimes this life would give you a little warning before you witness big life events like this.
Daughters who become young women right before your eyes.
Please chime in all you parents who have walked this uncharted territory.
I have to share a song that Emma's Auntie Gina sent me that same week.
I'll admit it  did give me a little chuckle.
I hope you enjoy it 
Pray for me.


Sonia Parham said...

totally know where you're coming from - went through that with my daughter last year. Then my son moved out of state... talk about a life change. :)

No(dot dot)el said...

@Sonia- My mom has raised 5 kids and she says, that hands down the hardest part of it ALL is the letting go. I'm starting to see why. It makes me want to bawl like a baby to even think about the day they will move out of state.

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