Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Hello There Beloved Reader, 
and a
Happy Fall Wednesday Morning to you!

I am beyond giddy to share some photos with you today.
Have you ever been SO excited over a photograph that you literally wake up first thing in the morning with nothing else on your mind (except coffee of course) but posting a picture for the rest of the world to see?

That's strange.

Well, that was me this morning and you are the world to me so you get to be the lucky ones to see what I'm talking about.
But before we get started with the roll of film that awaits can I just tell you something you may not already know?
My Giant and I every Wednesday get the privilege of hanging out with some amazing young people.

Here are 4 of those young people and 1 of those pictures that I couldn't wait to post.
Seriously, the moment I took this picture of these beautiful young ladies my heart went pitter, patter.
That doesn't happen to you?
So strange.

As long as I can remember, in fact even when we were young youthz(say that like Schmidt on the TV show NEW GIRL)My Giant and I have been helping out with some kind of youth group. I suppose we kind of really enjoy youthz... unlike Schmidt.

Would you just look at that bunch of world changers up there? 
How could we not totally LOVE each and every one of them.
Ok, in fairness 4 of those youthz are our own... but the rest... Although, I did not birth them (thank GOD) in my heart I feel a love for them that can't really be described.

Something else I really can't describe is the joy this picture brings me.

I couldn't tell you why the young man Jeffery on the right is laughing SO hard, but I have a sneaky suspicion it has something to do with that Giant in the Orange Sweatshirt.

Every single one of these young men, young youthz(sorry I just can't help myself) will grow up to be our teachers, doctors, firemen, bus drivers, lawyers, tattoo artists, pastors, fathers, husbands...etc
I suppose that's what so exciting about working with young people, ya know kinda like Whitney Houston sang about.
We get the privilege, the great honor to teach them well.
I'll take a double portion of that please!

With a slice of goofy on the side!

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