Thursday, November 06, 2014

Halloween 2014

Oh Goodness!
These two middles make my heart skip a beat. 
They are 14 and 13.
That's what their birth certificate says.
But somehow,
my mind and my heart has them stuck at around 3 and 4.

When and How and Why and Where does it happen that before you can even blink you have a full blown Pop - eye the Sailor Young Man on your hands?

Or a Baby Doll that might be "too sweet" for American Idol but not for this Momma?

Oh Goodness.
Oh Gracious.

And that Strong Man on the right... Well he has strong-armed his way into just about every heart that meets him!!
Hope you and yours had a very Happy Halloween this year.
Now on to some 
P I E 


shontell said...

My favorite part of this night was Chloe telling me she got a "shoe full of candy. Because I didn't have a bag, so I just held out my shoe and they put candy in it" ahahaha

No(dot dot)el said...

She is one FUN-NAY girl that Chloe Nashelle. What a great night!!

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