Thursday, May 15, 2014

May Babies

*Warning there might be some Blaggin and heavy sentimental Sighing ahead.
Blaggin- The combo of bragging and blogging.

These are my May babies.

The one on the left is my oldest Emma who will be sweet 16 on the 28th of this month,
The one on the right is Chloe who will be 14 tomorrow.

Beloved reader please ...
A heavy, sentimental  
S I G H 
is needed 
from us all right now.
Sometimes I look at these girls and I can hardly believe that almost 16 years ago I became a mother for the first time. It seems like only yesterday they were babies. 
Emma wasn't even quite 2 yet when I gave birth to Chloe.
At her second birthday party she was given the greatest gift in her life, a sister, a best friend, and the role of being the oldest.
She has astounded me ever since as a first born child.
She is beyond responsible and at times I forget who is the parent in this household. 
(Not really, I just said that for dramatic affect.)
And Chloe has always had a soft spot with me because we are both second born children. 
She has never complained about having hand me down clothes and she looks up to her sister like I looked up to mine. She is generous and so soft spoken that at times I have to drag it out of her what she really wants out of life. 
For instance, this whole month even though her birthday comes before Emma's she has been scheming and planning her sisters birthday party, with no regard for her own. 
S I G H....
I can't even begin to put into words what joy they both give me.
From the moment Emma was born my role in life changed as well.
I was no longer just wife, sister, daughter, cousin, teacher, friend... I was now a Mother.
The role of motherhood has been one that I have felt privileged, honored and completely blown away that I have been given for 16 YEARS now. 
Believe it or don't...
I'm kinda still in shock that I birthed 4 human beings. 
I know, I should probably be used to this role, being that it has been 16 years but, every now and then I catch a glimpse of my children who are so grown up, so mature, so not babies anymore, and I think how the H E double Hockey Sticks did that happen?
I have told both my girls before that they have made my first years of Motherhood so easy.
And I tell them, on the regular, they make me look good!
Actually, I say it more like 
"D A M N girls you are making me look so good right now!!"
Knowing full well, that I can't take credit for their choices and who God made them to be.

 These two young women, My May Babies (who are not babies anymore) woke up early on Mother's Day and cleaned my house, made breakfast, and wrote me love notes that would make a stone cold hearted Robot come to tears. I could brag about them til the cows come home(I don't have any cows but I think they must come home kinda late in the day) because they are just THAT amazing, but let me just share the essentials with you Beloved Reader.
These two young ladies, on a regular basis make me laugh and remind me that life is full of excitement, new adventure, and tremendous beauty.
These two May Babes, both love Jesus with all their hearts and to me well... that is everything.
I'm excited to see how they will enter into young adult years. 
As they begin to spread their wings and fly I pray I know when to open up that bird cage.
And I hope that they will continue to include me in their everyday lives.
I take great comfort in knowing that my own Mom is one of my very best friends, and I hope that tradish continues. 
Would you be so kind as to wish these two lovelies a Happy Birthday and to pray for this momma because my sentimental heart is on overload. 

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