Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm A Hacking, Pinning , Sickie Girl

What's a girl to do when she's stuck at home, sick in bed, and not a drop of energy or motivation to do anything, all weekend?

Well, in between blowing my nose and hacking up a lung, I wasted a pretty good amount of time on, Pinterest, I re-read the book The Help, and I caught up on all my favorite shows. I'm really enjoying the series on Netflix called, Call The Midwife. Have you heard of it? It's keeping me preoccupied while we all wait for the next season of Downton Abbey.
I miss you Downton Abbey.

I thought I would do some blogging while I'm on such a roll here, but my head is fuzzy and congested so I fear the only thing I have worth sharing with you are my recent pins. 
This sounded like a good idea at the time, but if it all comes out mumbo jumbo-ed then please forgive me.

Oh, did I also mention my phone is on the fritz, and I'm not receiving text messages right now. It's so sad and strange that my lil buddy is so quiet all of a sudden. I thought that nobody loved me until I talked to a bestie today and found out that in fact they really DO love me and that they thought I was just being aloof ... Psh... imagine me being ALOOF!!

So shall we get this pinning party started?

 It all started with the idea that I should go on Pinterest for some embroidery ideas, and then of course run off right away and embroider, but alas I'm sick and so I forgot that last part of actually doing something besides lying in bed and pinning.

I found these two beauties while looking up embroidery. The top one is something I can and WILL re-create but the bottom one well.. that lil clutch purse is a masterpiece of not only embroidery but sewing as well. Those little purses are not as easy as they look to make. I have tried and failed miserably at making a clutch purse.
I may or may not have sewn the zipper on inside out. 
I'm not sure why I'm admitting that to you Beloved Reader... Oh that's right, I'm sick and would probably admit anything to you right about now.

I think I started to get hungry right about then, and that's how I ended up on this pin.

Have I told you that I dream of making my own pasta someday? Yep, that is the next attachment for the ole' Kitchen Aid. It has always been a dream of mine because my mom told me of how her Italian grandmother used to have the pasta hanging from coat hangers all over her kitchen. I want to me that Italian grandma someday.
This is a Zucchini Pasta with Avocado cream sauce, and it's literally making my mouth water right now. If only I had the energy to go downstairs and whip it right up.
Oh that's right, I can't even yell cause I sound like a dying frog right now.

I then found a few funnies on my quest of Pins and this one with Lionel Richie ...

I just can't stop laughing. 
Maybe it's not even that funny, but to this stuffy headed sicky girl... that is some fun-nay shit right there!!

Well, and then my Pinning took a turn for the worst.
I started going down that road that is so easy to do on Pinterest. Ya know, the road of NEVER GONNA HAPPEN BUT IT SURE IS NICE TO DREAM?

I started looking at items like this

This ring right here probably cost the same amount as my firstborn's college tuition(for one year at Udub) that is right around the corner. 
It probably cost the same amount as raising 4 kids has cost all these 16 years. No joke.
It costs way more than all the money I will ever have alloted for jewels in a lifetime and yet...

It had me at Yellow.
Cheesy line, I know but it's just so purty.

I of course started thinking more realistically with my pins and immediately pinned something more attainable like this...

Just looking at this scene makes me feel better.
I wonder what must it be like to live in a cottage so beautifully surrounded by a garden so green and lush?

Then I remembered my little slice of something like that in Redmond, Washington. 

And I was brought back to earth by this quote from C.S. Lewis

He was a wise man that Mr. C.S. Lewis.

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