Thursday, September 05, 2013

Ho Hum ....

*(written last night 9/4/13)

Today has been one of those Ho Hum days. 
You know the kind that everyday life is made up of. I find myself wanting this day to be over, but for no particular reason. It hasn't been a bad day as days tend to be rated. 
Or at least as I tend to rate days. I tend to think there are many ratings for any given day. 
I also tend to say tend quite a bit, especially in those last few sentences. 
In an effort to make this day not so Ho Hum I'm going to share with you beloved reader one of my favorite books and then of course we are going to talk about why I have given this day the rating of being HO HUM.
Being that I am ex-early childhood educator, and the fact that I have 4 grown children, it goes without saying that I have read many children's books in my day, but one of my all time favorites is;
Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
Buy It Here
This book is a favorite because right from the start you just know it's going to go from bad to worse for poor Alexander and we can all relate to that kind of day.
You know the kind of day that starts with the moment some well meaning person says, 
" Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today."
WE are doomed!
Doomed I tell ya!!
I strongly dislike that saying, because every morning I get up, being that I'm not a morning person you might think I got up on the wrong side. But who died and made YOU the boss of my bed?!!
As though if I would have only chosen the other side of the bed my whole face, attitude, day would have been better. 
But no,  when I hear that it's like ... Oh well, I started out wrong and God Please help me because I can't even help myself,  I am gonna end up WRONG!!
Maybe now is a good time to tell you the real reason for my rating today Ho Hum?
Nah... I think I'll keep you wondering until the end.
Let's have some ratings and their definitions, shall we?
Come on... work with me it's going to be fun... help me out here people!
HO HUM- nothing all day. It's like you could go around saying , "I got nothin!" Nothing to give, nothing to take,  a whole lotta nothingness. I mean this day can blend into the back round of days and you would never mention it again.
GOOD- means nothing eventful either bad or good has really happened today. It was just a GOOD day because nothing really bad happened.  A good day is a cut above a Ho Hum day only because, you don't want to say every day is a Ho Hum day. I mean if you did say every day was Ho Hum you might begin to sound like a certain Donkey, and not the one on Shrek. 
GREAT-  means the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and all the traffic lights were green. Your kids were all getting along,  the baby took an extra long nap so you were able to get a lot of stuff done, your honey kissed you like he meant it when he came home, and the stars all lined up just to twinkle for you. Oh and every song on the radio was a favorite. That's crucial to a GREAT day.

FANTASTIC- means something really amazing happened. Something like a baby was born, a marriage took place, or you got a check in the mail saying that your house is paid off ! Or your on vacation with your whole family in a place like Hawaii. 
Wouldn't it be nice to have Fantastic days everyday?
BAD- means some things didn't really go your way today. You got a ticket on your way to work. You forgot to eat breakfast and were starving until dinner because you didn't get a lunch break. You didn't sleep very well the night before. Or if you are a stay at home working momma the baby didn't take a good nap and cried all through what was supposed to be your masterpiece meal.
Ya know, a BAD day.

HORRIBLE- means you found out someone you love is very sick or worse you are very sick, you not only got a ticket but found out there is a warrant for your arrest. You ate breakfast but it landed all over your brand new suit and it had some form of chocolate in it so it's not coming out. You tripped and fell at some point through out this day. You got a bloody nose, the coffee pot exploded because somebody forgot to turn it off. And they just shut off your power because you forgot to pay the bill.
Ok, now that I have given you my ratings, let me tell you why this day was Ho Hum.
The real reason for this Ho Hum day is that I just tend to like to say Ho Hum, because I tend to think of Eeyore when I say it. 
Anyone else think of that cute donkey when you say Ho Hum?
What kind of day did you or are you having?
Do you have a rating to add to this list?
Hope it was better than a Ho Hum day ;)


Stone Cottage Adventures said...

I love Eeyore. I always want to give him a hug! My day has been somewhere between good and great by your rating system. ;-) Does that mean its Good and a half? -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

No(dot dot)el said...

He really is so loveable that Eeyore !
Yea Id say a good and a half sounds about right. What's putting it in the great rating group?

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