Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Hot Smokey Minute

It has been a HOT minute, a very HOT and SMOKEY minute since I have been here with you beloved reader. 
But, here I am, and all I can think to talk about is how grateful I am that the smokey grey skies have cleared for a minute.
I suppose that was one weather element I completely blocked out of my memory in regard to Nevada. 
 Forest fires in the summer= Grey skies and below healthy breathing standards.
I'm pretty sure I blocked it out because it's traumatic!
Also, don't forget I tend to be a bit on the dramatic side.


The grey skies I can handle and actually enjoy, but the smell of campfire smoke and canceled sporting events ... NOT SO MUCH!!
The smoke filled skies sure do make for some awesome pics though wouldn't you agree?

So at least there's that :/

Aside from the silly weather topic and hundreds of acres of land being burned to a crisp, I really don't know what to tell you.
Oh... I know...

The fact that summer is almost over.
Can I get a big Whahhh Whaaahh I don't wanna!!
Let's recap this summer for the MoNoSco clan shall we;

School released in Washington June 22nd so there were lots of goodbyes, and last visits with besties before...

Noël and 4 kids and two dogs(The Giant was already in NV) move to Nevada June 25th.

We made a pit stop in one of my favorite places with some of favorite people.

Such a good looking gang up there in that pic. Does my heart good to see my kids with one of my soul sisters kids. It is truly a gift. 

It was a 14 hour car ride very uneventful except for how the Red Bulls toward the end of the trip were making this Momma a lil Cray Cray!!
Those energy drinks really do a number on me.

 So, Kids and Dogs safely reunite with Our Giant and we spend the week out at David Walleys with the family.
The pic below is me and my siblings. I'm there in the middle like it should be. Man, I really love my brothers and sisters. 
I'm one blessed woman. 

We were in Beautiful Genoa Nevada. 
If you have never been... put it on your places to go. It is a natural Hot Springs resort here in lil ole NV that is truly one of a kind.

Then Noël and the Giant fly back up to Washington to do phase 2 of the move and we all know where this story goes....

Broken Uhaul trailers can drive one or even TWO grown adults to have some crazy behavior. Our behavior in the above pic is just one example.
It is also quickly becoming one of my all time favorite pics.

So even though we went bat shit crazy on that car ride home due to multiple break downs the story...
It has a happy ending.

Finally arrive safely and have a big welcome back 4th of July bash with family and friends. 

And then begins the REAL fun that we had to cram into only 4 weeks time.
Parties, visitors, Lake Days, Water Parks, Movies, Birthdays, more visitors, Virginia City,

sleep overs, More Birthdays, lots of BBQ'in , more visitors, and finally August rolls around and it's back to school ...


That's right school started here in Nevada August 12th, and No they didn't take into account that the MoNoSco clan JUST got out of school...
That we had just moved here....
That we weren't nearly even remotely ready to begin school.

My Fab 4 headed off to new schools like the champs they are. 
Bringing light and joy in every room cause that's how we Do it!!
Don't even get this sentimenatal momma started on how she feels about having one High Schooler, Two Middle schoolers, and only ONE... ONLY ONE in Elementary school now!!
SO not OKAY!!

And somewhere in between all of that madness we(I mean MY Giant) did a whole lotta this:

Yea he's pretty much a bad ass!!

So is the fella who got this ink ;)

And in case you were wondering I'm pretty much spending all my free time here,Marked Studios there, and everywhere like all moms, wives, women in general seem to manage life.
But it's all a part of this beautiful life that 
I'm feeling blessed to live.

I hope you had a wonderful summer and that you have a fantastic Labor Day weekend. 
All the hard work of the year can wait, go have some fun this weekend !
Thanks for stopping by.


Bernadette Veenstra said...

Bummer that your kids had to start school so soon. It is the law here in MI that school can't start until after Labor Day. I love that law!

No(dot dot)el said...

@Bernadette- It was a total bummer but we are looking forward to the extra time off in October and a 3 week winter break, that will be really nice!
That's a beautiful law you got going there girl!!

No(dot dot)el said...
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