Tuesday, September 17, 2013


They carry meaning that attaches to our hearts and infiltrates our minds, and they have the power to change us.
I am forever in awe of incredible writers that with pen and paper can transport me to another place.
I am also very impressed with people that I see on a daily basis encouraging and spurring others in their lives direction with mere words.
They are something that with song can melt the heart of any robotic mundane person.
They inspire, empower, and infuse us with courage.
They stop a dog in his tracks.
They infuriate the innocent driver when reading a bumper sticker.
They were in the beginning of all time.
"In, the beginning was THE WORD
and THE WORD was made flesh"
These words are used to describe the Creator of the Universe.
They can humble, they can hurt.
They can mold and shape a person.
They can stay unspoken.
They can be over used. 
They can desensitize.

Today as I was strolling through blog land I have to say,
I was thankful for your Words.
They made me smile. 
They made me ponder.
They made me wonder. 
And this morning when I was reading the Lover of My Souls book
I was thankful for those words. 
Those words make me smile on the inside. 
So here's a tribute to words.
Thank you for stopping by here from time to time and leaving a piece of your heart with words.
You'll never know how much they mean to me. 

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