Monday, December 10, 2012

Where Does The Time Go?

Hello Beloved Reader-
I hope this post finds you happy, healthy and enjoying your last days in 2012.
Speaking of days...
I can't believe that we are already 10 days into this glorious time of year, can you?
I also can't believe that 31 years ago my baby sister Gina-Bo-"Bean"a,  was born.

I remember so well being 6 almost 7 years old waiting for her to come home from the hospital with my mom. 
I was beyond excited.
She was to be my new dolly :)
Her birthday falls exactly one week before my own so not only was I excited for a brand new baby in the house, and my birthday, but then Christmas!
It was like that saying that my Gram, "Grandma The Great" always used to say, 
"All This AND Heaven Too"
And that's really all I can say in regards to having not one but TWO amazing sisters!

Bean is without a doubt one of my very best friends. 
I treasure the time we have together and miss her dearly when we are apart.
She is an amazing momma to these two beauties; 
My nieces Savanah and Sophia.
They have captured not only my heart, but my wallet as well.
 I would buy them the world if I could.
Sophia my niece, is the baby in the picture and she is coming up on her first birthday this 
December 31st. My friend Natalie nicknamed her our "Last Minute Biscuit" and be still my heart that girl... oh good heaven's do I miss her SO!!
Ah CRAP!! Now I'm getting misty.

Again, where does the time go?

Happy Birthday Gina!
I wish I was there to celebrate.
Give the Last Minute Biscuit extra kisses from her Auntie, and 
have an extra piece of cake for me.


Bean said...

Ah crap now u got me all teary eyed. That was very sweet Noelly:) It is a little frightening how I am getting. First came the grays and now I am noticing wrinkles in pics and I don't even think I am that old, what the heck?

Kelly said...

AWE!!!!! This is so sweet! Love you girl!

No(dot dot)el said...

@Bean YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! besides grays just mean you have lots of wisdom and they are your crown of glory remember? And psh... GIRL you do NOT have wrinkles!!
@Kelly love you too ;)

Stephanie said...

Hi there! So nice to meet you too :) I'm glad you got your card and stopped by my blog - I greatly appreciate it. I am now following you as well and I look forward to future visits.
Your birthday post for your sister was so sweet :)
Anyway, have a wonderful week.


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