Friday, December 21, 2012

Barley and Boo Scary

I have been saving this photo shoot with Barley for a funny post, but today I'm going to try and mix humor with serious and blend it all together, to see if I can come up with a point at the end.

Here is Barley ignoring me and the camera despite the fact that I am saying his name oh so sweetly.
Oh Barley Bambino Boo... look over here sweet lil puppy PLEASE!!

This morning something really strange happened. 
We were rudely awoken by Barley barking like a crazy, ferocious killer that he is NOT!!
Then Emma who was already up came running into our room saying that someone very strange was coming to our door.

Mo got up and answered the door only to find a woman who was very clearly in a withdrawal stage of some addiction on the other side of our front door.
She proceeded to say that she knew this was a strange request, but
did we have any hard alcohol in our house and if we wouldn't mind sharing some with her?
Here is Barley still ignoring me, but now blatantly just being down right RUDE and sticking his tongue out at me!

Mo said we didn't, but decided to give her some money instead.
Now, I'm not sure how I feel about it all frankly.

Why do we say frankly when trying to be frank?
I mean, poor Frank. 
I have an Uncle Frank, and I wonder if he has ever wished that phrase was changed to use the name Sally?
Why don't we ever say, 
I'm not sure how I feel about it all sal-laley?
Or, To be sally, I just don't like you!!
Hmm... Sally Doesn't really work now does it?
Speaking of not WORKING ,Again Barley Bambino Boo not working with me here! Can you see this attitude? It's like he's saying, yeah, I know I'm cute and you want to capture my greatness but good luck with that.

Also,  I would like to point out that another friend has ruined the phrase,
"I'm not sure how I feel about that."
He said, I'm pretty sure you do know how you feel about that, you know EXACTLY how you feel.
And ya know what he's right.

So to be Frank, or Sally, let me just tell you how I really feel about a stranger showing up on my front door asking for a drink just a few days before Christmas ....
At first I felt alarmed, and if it weren't for Barley I think I would still be feeling a little scared.
Then, I feel deeply saddened by the world we live in. Her addiction reminds me of one of my new favorite phrases that I heard Beth Moore say on her video,
"There is NO high, like the MOST HIGH" 
Beloved reader that is SO the TRUTH!
And finally, I feel grateful.
Grateful that My Giant decided to give instead of be cynical.
Grateful that we are in a place to give something, anything of those that ask.
Grateful that I, and many of my family members have been delivered by the Grace of God from addictions,
And Grateful for this guy.


Stone Cottage Adventures said...

A very thought provoking post, Noel. It brings to mind Psalm 91. So many weights are lifted from our shoulders when we become followers of Jesus Christ. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Bernadette Veenstra said...

Way to bring it around, and let God change your heart.

Julie Marie said...

love you Noel.. this is a clever look at a situation many people would shun. i like it...hope you and your fam have a merry christmas.

Alyx said...

Definitely made me think today.

I hope you have a very merry Christmas with your family, Noël!

shontell said...

Gah!! I am grateful more right now for your husband's height. And that he was home. That God sure is a planner. I mean, what if Moses would have stayed short and this person decided she would violate him for what she needed. I am glad he gave money. Refusing her wouldn't have cured her. I am surprised you didn't have any liquor. That Barley is obviously a boozer. He can't even look at the camera. Miss you.

Mrs Hurley said...

Love it!! You are funny and charming!!

No(dot dot)el said...

Marci- That is a great Psalm. Just re-read it.

Kendra Pahukoa said...

wow barley. where is the love huh?!!! haha- cute!

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