Wednesday, December 12, 2012


How can I pass up a day like 12.12.12 and NOT write something?
We will never have this moment in time again, so thank you for sharing some part of it with me.
I'm going to try to not get all sentimental on you, but I make no promises because...

numbers and the seasons changing always causes my sentimental heart to reflect.

Of course the official first day of winter isn't until 12.22.12 but as the song goes, "It's beginning to look alot like Christmas"  you could also add Winter too. Around here it looks and feels like both Christmas and Winter have arrived, and that means the end of another year is right around the corner.
This year I have to say, first of all it went by SO fast! I mean it seems only yesterday I was welcoming my little niece "Last Minute Biscuit" onto planet earth and now she's almost ONE!
Would you look at those toophers!! SO darn cute!

When I look back on 2012 though,
It was a Good year for me and mine, but if it was as dark as winter for you, 
then I pray your heart is filled with Hope for the future.
Because like the quote from good ole' Anne with an  'E' goes,
"Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it."

"Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories"
An Affair To Remember

I have to admit, that Winter is not my favorite season. In fact I think it is my least favorite season.
 If it is yours, I would like to know why?
Like a true blue optimist though, I try to find the good in every season as it comes down the train of life.
But, I gotta say that really I just find it hard to celebrate the time of year that death and darkness are so prevalent. 

That being said,  
I can't help but think about you all as I sit here and tappa tappa tappa.
You fill my heart with such joy, and the days may be dark outside, but in my heart as I think of you there is such bright color.

 I'm a bit like Fredrick the field mouse in that way.
(BTW Fredrick is one of my all time favorites)

I know that not everyone can gather the colors of love like this and that sometimes where they "live"
is like the land of Narnia, where 
"It's always winter, and never Christmas."

  In an effort to spread Christmas cheer and love with YOU beloved reader, and my neighbors,
I went about our property putting up spots of color and Christmas everywhere.

As I was hanging those ornaments on our driveway fence, a neighbor who spoke no English( I think she is from Japan) was on a walk with her husband, or at least I think it was her husband.
She stopped and watched me for a minute with a great big smile on her face, and then without a word she came along side me and started to hang up some Christmas Cheer for the rest of the neighborhood to enjoy.

“My old grandmother always used to say, Summer friends will melt
away like summer snows, but winter friends are friends forever.”

If you are just passing by my blog today, like that neighbor who was out for a walk, then I hope your heart feels lighter after leaving here. I hope I have put up spots of color for you to enjoy before we head into the dark winter months.
Here is another spot of color to make you smile

I just can't get enough of my ADORABLE nieces. 

Because, although it may be dark and dismal in nature it does not need to be so in our hearts.
Keep in mind that as we head into the gloomy months of winter you are never alone.
You are never without a friend.
And the lover of your soul longs to bring you Christmas every day.

He is a good Winter friend.

"Creator of heaven and earth,

He was born on earth under heaven.

Unspeakably wise,

He is wisely speechless.

Filling the world, 

He lies in a manger...

He is both great in the nature of God,

and small in the form of a servant."


Stone Cottage Adventures said...

What a beautiful spot of color, Noel! Thank you! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Bernadette Veenstra said...

Love that quote. It is beautiful! So glad you took up the 12-12-12 challenge to write and bring some winter beauty into all of our lives!

aimymichelle said...

love the decorations. holidays are hard for sure especially when there is a family that is torn apart. i'm not really sure what will happen with our christmas. i know my immediate family will be together but not sure i'll see any extended family at all. sad.

Anonymous said...

LOL "last minute biscuit". how cute :)

and i love that you walked around hanging ornaments around your property! i would totally hang some on my tree outside but it's so blustery here that i'm afraid i'll look out the window one morning and they'll all be blown away!

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