Saturday, February 26, 2011

Life is in the Details

There are two camps in life, those that are detail-oriented, and those who are not.
Can something really be that black and white?
Really only two camps?
Okay, maybe three, but for the sake of my little post here just indulge me on this.
I used to be of the camp that didn't care too much about most details.
I used to also think that being an overly detailed person meant that you were kinda anal, and that this was not a good thing to be.
I no longer think this way.

Life is in the details.
Not just some details but every detail is important.
Like when given a menu with so many choices on it, I used to quickly read it over instead of reading the description or details of every menu item. It would overwhelm me sometimes to see all those choices and descriptions.
I thought it took too much time to read them all, and in the end I usually just went with what I knew I would like, rather than take the time to find out if I might like something new.
This in turn has made me become a very boring person where food and appetite are concerned.

Recently, I have had the very scary experience of realizing that God is in the details.
I say scary because it is a very a frightening awareness to realize that the God of the universe is very much aware of every detail of YOUR little life.
It is scary, not like in a horror movie scary, but like a fear that causes you to realize just how little you know of the universe that surrounds you.
Fear like that of an awe-awakening experience that makes you want to know more.
Awe-inspiring, fear, captivating, yet scary at the same time.

It's not like I didn't know this before.
It just makes me want to be more like this now.
I want to be concerned about the details.
I want to take the time to figure out what little details I can change in my life.
Especially if it will help make someone else's life better, or even just my own.

God is so detailed about every aspect of our lives.
He cares about the smallest details and of course the big ones as well.

Being detail-oriented means you have taken a little extra time to really care about something.
So whether you are of the "naturally detail-oriented camp", or the "not so much details" camp
I would just like to say that details are important.
Details matter, some more than others of course.

Life really is, lived out in the Details.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More than...

More than Clarity, I need Wisdom.

More than being Happy, I want Joy.

More than Comfort, I need Peace.

More than, More than, More than.

More than just Being, I want Life.

More than Food, I need Living Water.

More than Friends, I want Family.

More than, More than, More than.

More than Possessions, I want Memories.

More than Places, I need People.

More than Books, I want Knowing.

More than, More than, More than.

More than the air I breathe

I want moments to take my breathe away

More than the sun I see

I want warmth in my bones

More than silence

I need gut-wrenching, belly laughs.

More than my wants given,

I need, my needs to be met.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I resolve to regain my voice

I am sitting here on a Thursday morning alone in this cabin in the woods.
The air is cool but the sun is out (one of my all time favorites on the weather wheel) and it's shining through all these wonderful windows.
I have candles burning and smelling up the place like cinnamon and vanilla.
I have coffee in my cup and I am listening to some of my favorite musicians.

The stars have all aligned and given me this day to myself.

A day off.
How will I spend it?
What to do with all this free time?
Well, I have laundry going.
The house is clean.
The dogs have been walked.
Now what?

Well... usually time to myself gives me time to think.
I don't get much alone time to think.
Thinking is good.
Pondering is good.
I am relishing in my moments this morning to think and ponder.

I am thinking about a lot.
Last year at this time I had declared a month of love notes.
Some of you might remember my constant posting on FB, love quotes.
Looking back I now realize that to tell all the people I love, how much I truly love them it would take much longer than a month of love notes.
Still, that was a really special month last year because I realized that often times in life we don't tell people how much we truly love and appreciate them.
It stretched me to do that little self-imposed exercise.
It also made me realize how much I love writing.

I love expressing myself in written word.

So this day that I have to myself what did I turn to first.

In a recent conversation with a new friend she asked if being a Preschool teacher was something that I was passionate about?
I told her that yes, on a good day!
I do love to teach little people.
Little people are amazing and they are truly my most favorite people to hang out with.
Still, I feel teaching is like an old trusted friend that I can fall back on anytime I want.
And I don't know if that means I am passionate or not about it, but that's how I feel about it right now.

But writing.....
Well, if I were to choose a career that I could transition out of teaching and explore more fully it would be writing.
I attempted to write some children's books, and well in the move those have taken a back seat.
Still they call to me every once in a while in a quiet moment like this I remember that, that is something I really do want to pursue.
I currently live in a place that would make it quite easy to actively pursue this dream of writing.
My time to think and ponder has now come to an end.
The laundry bell has rung.
Thanks for listening.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Music and Me

I am sitting here having church with Amos Lee this morning.
His song Black River just really gets to me every time.

Thinking about all the things I have to be thankful for.
One of those things would be music.
Not only do I come from a musical family that I am grateful for, but
The ability to express myself with my voice in song is something I don't ever take for granted.

There is something strange that happens when the emotion to sing comes over me.
It is a like a deep gushing wave of water that pushes it's way to the top and I just can't stop it.
I love to sing.
I love to sing best when no one but my Creator is listening.

I love to hear my children sing.
One of the many other things I am thankful for is my children's talent in music.
Emma is currently writing a song for her Auntie Jenny's upcoming wedding and it just makes me smile to hear her practice this.
Isaiah got an electric guitar for Christmas, and I have an old acoustic guitar(thank you Uncle Jimmy) that the kids have been having jam sessions with.
I can't even begin to tell you how happy this makes me.

I should say that,
I am sure because I am their mom it sounds beautiful to me, but to the average ear it would just sound like noise.
So don't go knocking down my door ready to be their agent (BIG SMILE)

If I were the type of parent who lived out their dreams in their children I would have already exploited these
beautiful gifts.
Alas, I am not so the rest of the world will have to wait to hear these Fab 4.

Everything is always made better with music.
Music is powerful.
So powerful in fact that, that is why often times back in the day the musicians would lead the army onto the battlefield.(Glad I wasn't a musician in this day and age)
I remember an old friend told me that certain notes even had the power to break things in us, or fix things (whatever way you want to look at that) spiritually.
I believe this to be true.

So as you prepare for this week ahead
whether it's been one you have been looking forward to for a long time
or one that you have been dreading
don't forget "to put your records on and sing your favorite song"

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dieting, Puppies, and Other MoNoSco Updates

A funny thing happens when you go on a diet.
Food just becomes a tool, rather than something you enjoy.
To some extent life changes entirely and I find myself getting kind of depressed.
This of course makes me realize how much food and drink(can't forget the drink) has become somewhat of an idol in my life.
The diet I am on is extreme, and I would tell you the name but... the only reason I am not sharing it with you is because I don't want that to become the topic of our conversation, but needless to say, it is limited what I can and cannot eat... BUT it's working!

Having a puppy in the house after several years of not having a baby of some sort has made me realize how selfish we all are.
Barley( our new Yellow Lab pup) has pushed us all to the brink of exhaustion.
He is so high energy that even our Jack Russell, Bella (supposedly the most hyper dog around) is wiped out and tired of him by the end of the day!
Still, in the end he brings me so much joy, as does Bella and well Joy is a rare commodity these days!
Those 4 legged friends sure are something, can't quite put my finger on what, but they are SOMETHING all right!

We had a communion moment at church last Sunday.
It started out bad and painful, but I hope ended up good and memorable.
We came home and let all 4 of our kids watch Passion of the Christ.
We of course edited quite a bit and actually only showed them bits and pieces.
This movie still makes me bawl like a baby.
Jesus without a doubt is SO AMAZING!
I know it made a lasting impression because they are still asking me questions.

We, Monosco are still having moments,
sometimes whole days ...
where we are wondering what the H E ..double hockey sticks we are doing in Washington??
But today when the sun is shining and we recently got to visit with a good old friend that feels like family I feel happy to be here.

I miss my mom.
Can you at 36 years old still miss your mom?
Is that legal?

Well, even though the sun is out this cabin has turned into an icebox.
I must go start a fire now to cozy things up in here.
Sure wish I was having this conversation face to face with those of you that might read and comment on this.
If we were, I would have already put the coffee pot on and the smell would be divine because...
Raven's Brew is what I am brewing these days. If you haven't had this brand of coffee go out... RIGHT NOW and get some.
It is Divine!

One more final thought and then I really am going to go , okay maybe two
I am reading;
Fiction-Salamander by Thomas Wharton
Non- Fiction-Follow Me to Freedom by Shane Claiborne and John Perkins
both great books so that alone makes me happy to have good books waiting for me late at night.

and really here it is my final thought...
New All Time Favorite Tea
Stash brand Licorice Spice, it's like dessert in a cup
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