Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Shoe Entry For Tasha

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I have been blessed with incredible friends who happen to be very creative.
They make my life so much richer, fuller, and downright fun!
One of my most creative artistic friends would be a lady named Tasha Gardner.
You can see just a portion of her creative genius in the blog listed on the right, VW club.
Anyhew, she put out this shoe challenge in March.
30 days.
30 shoes.
I didn't quite succeed, but I tried my hardest to document the shoes I did wear in that time.
And here is my entry.

If you have been a long time reader of my blog you might remember some years back when Emma and I took her color challenge. Where we were asked to wear a different color everyday.
This really was a lot of fun so thank you once again Tasha for your constant pursuit of all things out of the ordinary :)

Hope you enjoy!


slogoin' vws said...

thank you, thank you, thank you! it's posted...and guess're a winner!

noel said...

It was absolutely my pleasure! So much fun!

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