Saturday, April 16, 2011

LOVE WINS - Rob Bell , My Take on all this Hoop-La!

I just finished re-reading Rob Bell's new book Love Wins, A book about Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person who Ever Lived.

If that isn't a dramatic title for a book, I don't know what is! :)

For those of you who run in Christian circles you know that this book got quite a bit of hoop-la( I love that word) before it was even released. People were slinging all kinds of accusations toward Mr. Bell and really behaving in such a way that if you were listening and you were NOT a follower of Christ I am sure their behavior convinced you even more so, NOT to become one.

Truly it was downright appalling to me the critics reactions toward this book.

I of course put the book on order long before it was released and then read most of it the first day I got it. Then I went back over it in the weeks to follow because I kept looking for what all the hoop-la was about?

First- if you have ever read any of Bell's previous books you know that he likes to ask a lot of questions. He comes at lots of topics that are theological by nature, with kind of a scientific approach. He gets down to the root of the words that were written in Hebrew and really studies each passage from an angle that doesn't take anything for granted. I love that about his writing.

Second- I have read only two other books of his and both of them were life changing for me. They both pointed, directed, lead, and encouraged me to draw closer to the God of my youth.

C.- This book was no different. Not only did it have a lot of questions, (which btw God can handle any and all of them) but it also directed me once again to the Lover of my Soul. Frankly, it made me fall in Love with Jesus all over again.

The book is only 198 pages long.

Around page 79 he says this,

"There is hell now,
and there is hell later,
and Jesus teaches us to take both seriously."

So, for those that were claiming he says there is no hell in this book and that is why they are calling him a heretic... umm.... read pg 79 about half way down.

There are so many more quotable things in this book, but really if you are at all interested you should read it yourself.
One of my favorite questions, one that I really think is the theme of the book is this one;

"Has God created millions of people over tens of thousands of years who are going to spend eternity in anguish? Can God do this, or even allow this, and still claim to be a loving God?"

Anyone who claims to know Christ , whose sole purpose on this earth was to reconcile all of mankind to God can't answer those questions any other way.

God doesn't choose hell for us, we do.
God chose over 2000 years ago something so different for us.

Jesus whole existence here on earth was an act of LOVE.
He lived for LOVE.
Died for LOVE.
And still reaches out in LOVE.

LOVE really does win!


Shontell said...

A- I am glad you finally posted again.
2- This was great. I will read this book. I am a huge fan, even though so many people are accusers of late.
D- I like that your bullet points are numbered 1, 2, and C.

noel said...

Yep you will like it ! And as far as my bullet points umm... You my friend I learn so much from :)

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