Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Quote

"Among us English-speaking peoples especially do the praises of poverty need once more to be boldly sung.

We have grown literally AFRAID to be poor.

We despise anyone who elects to be poor in order to simplify and save inner life.

If he does not join the general scramble, we deem him spiritless and lacking ambition.
We have lost the power even of imagining what the ancient realization of poverty could have meant; the liberation from material attachments, the unbribed soul, the manlier indifference, the paying our way by what we are, NOT by what we have, the right to fling away our life at any moment irresponsibly- the more athletic the trim, in short, the fighting shape."
William James

I have been reading everything that I can get my hands on written by Shane Claiborne for quite some time now.
The most recent book that this quote came from is out of a workbook that goes along side a video titled, Economy of Love. I got the workbook first and read it quick. Then I went back and realized that almost every page was tagged for me to return to some day. You know you have your hands on a good read when the top corner of your book starts to fan out from all the folded corner tips. And that is what I have here. There were just so many good tid-bits I felt compelled to share. Thank you for obliging me in this.

So this above quote was just the first quote of many that got my attention. It reminded me of some things that God had stirred in my husbands heart quite some time ago and I was too afraid to admit that those stirrings might be prophetic.

He told me that he had a dream or vision that black birds were flying out of his eyes so quickly that he could no longer see. When interrupted the dream was said to be about our finances and us loosing everything of financial value. This scarred the crap out of me. It still does scare me. This was a dream given 1 year before we were to lose our home through a foreclosure.

Sitting here now, I am no longer afraid of losing everything because the funny thing is once you go through something like what we experienced last year you realize two things;

1 God is still on the Throne
2 We survived

I am not saying that I would wish what happened to us on even my worst enemy(of which I have none) but still we not only survived, I feel by the grace of God we thrived.
Why this was our story I am not really sure. I can only attest to God's grace that covered us like a big bubble in the midst of some of the hardest months that MoNoSco has ever faced.

More thoughts on this topic later

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