Sunday, January 09, 2011

Facts for my 2011( or I guess some you could say are Resolutions)

Here I am re-capping the first week of 2011 and thinking, "WOW what a great week!" Okay, so only one week in does not = a great year already, but you know me, the eternal optimist that I am I think it really will be a great year.

In this year ;

I will have an official teenager in the house, one of my own this time. Not just one of those random teens that show up on my door step! That's right the Scofield's head into the official teen years on May 28th as Emma turns 13.

I will no longer be "forsaking" hanging out with some of the coolest people on earth on Sunday mornings just because I don't
feel like it, or my bed seems more attractive, or because truthfully I just don't want to be vulnerable. I am done with the theme song being "I am a Rock... I am an Island" so not true!

I will have only one child left that is NOT in double-digits, when Solomon turns 10 in October. This is a really, really big deal considering that some of my favorite people on earth are those that don't belong in the double-digit club!

I will reclaim not only my waist, but more importantly my physical health! I am over being lazy and carefree about what I eat. I am done not caring about myself because frankly, if I don't care then no one else will ! BBKH- here I come!

I will see my oldest sister Jenny get married to her "Mr. Brownskin" in June. And will be in the Brown state for that month as well :) Looking forward to this , really so much. WOW, what a treat this will be!

I will master the art of crocheting.

I will have lived 2 years outside the state that I was raised in. Some said,( Alyse Locke) we would be back after 2 years. We shall see!! Tempting for sure, happening probably not, sorry Weezer.

I will be going back to school in the Fall to finally, FINALLY get a stinking piece of paper that says I am an official teacher now ;)
Sheesh, that will change everything!! NOT!! But at least I will have the sense of accomplishment there that is long overdue.

Some of these you could call resolutions, some you could say are promises, and some of this is just plain hard-core FACT! I am one determined person so I am gonna go with FACT- this will happen! And then of course I do plan on doing the work that will make it so!


Plucky said...

You go girl! I'm proud of you Noel . . .

Shontell said...

YAY YAY!! How completely exciting! proud of you and scared for you (teens)!

noel said...

thanks for the votes of confidence from you both and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours as well!

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