Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bad Dog Bella!!

WARNING- venting ahead... ARRGHHH!!

Dear Bella,

If you continue to make HUGE messes for me by getting into the trash as punishment for us all leaving you in the morning, I will be forced to leave you outside, IN THE RAIN!!

Not really.

CEO Scofield Home

Sidenote- I know that my dog doesn't actually read my blog but ... it just feels good to vent to someone, so thanks for being someone.


Limes said...

This is the perfect post for a site (that I'm sure already exists somewhere in the blogosphere) "letters to my pet".

Awesome. Love it.

Limes said...

p.s. that comment is Priya

noel said...

Hey Priya- long time no talk or see. Miss you girl. WE need to have another chic flick night or something. Did you ever start your book club back up again?

shontell said...

lol nice. my husband informed me "I think I am over the whole dog thing." With my eyes I reminded him I was over the dog thing before we got and reminded him I am allergic. Now we have to wait to the dog dies. Awesome.

shontell said...

This comment doesn't have anything to do with dogs or chic flick nights, but there are fire departments hiring in Washington. Jayehs. We are applying.

noel said...

Shontelly, I will be calling and praying for ya.

noel said...

Oh and just wait til you see my next post. You can call me certifiably CRAZY later!

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