Thursday, December 02, 2010

An Update In Pictures

Happy Holidays to all who are reading this, from our family to yours. SO thankful for the family and friends that keep up with me through reading this little blog here. To those of you who do mostly read these post for little updates, I know it's going to seem quite crazy, almost totally bonkers to read this post that includes a picture of the newest member of the Scofield family, right after I just posted a complaint about Bella. BUT don't judge me!

It seems the time is just flying by and I can hardly catch up to the rate at which time is traveling now.Can't believe Uncle Jeremy graduates this coming year, and that my daughter Emmers will be an official teenager soon. Jeremy if you are reading this, I am beyond words proud of you and can't wait to hoot, holler, and go crazy nutts on your graduation day.

This Thanksgiving we had the absolute pleasure of hosting 13 people at our dinner table. And what a table it was. When discussing with The Giant how we were going to fit all of these loved ones around our little IKEA table that we bought when we first moved into this tiny cabin he said, "Why don't I just build us a new bigger table?" This he said to me the day before turkey day and the same day that some of our company was arriving that night. I know better to question him on these things, my only concern was the timing.... because we all know timing on Thanksgiving day is everything. Well once again My Giant came to save the day. The New Table that Moses built the day before Thanksgiving is amazing. Still can't believe the skills that boy has.

And Finally the moment you have all been waiting for, Newest Member of the family; Barley Bambino Boo Scofield.


shontell said...

HAHA I love everything about you, but your new dog when you are still so violent about the last one is the best!
Mo, that table is simply amazing!!! I love the bench! Beauteous. Right now I am listening to Layla Grace sing Christmas carols in every pitch possible. jealous?

noel said...

Yes actually, that would be quite a treat to hear her singing like that. You and your family are so missed by me and mine.

Jen's World said...

Can't believe how big Emma and Jeremy are getting!! That Barley is a doll! I loved seeing you sis. It was a great time!

slogoin' vws said...

is that snow outside?

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