Friday, February 06, 2009


This week was an extremely busy week for me and my family. It is Friday afternoon and I can't believe I made it to this spot but I did it and pretty well I think.

This week Mo started a new job at a brand new Tattoo shop that opened up in downtown Reno. It's called Reno Gearhead Tattoo and Barber Shop. It is located literally right across the street from the Eldorado. Anyway, his new job made it so that I saw him maybe 5 or 6 hours this week if that. He went to work  at his day job at 7:30 came home to eat dinner at around 4 or 5 and headed to the shop by 6. He stayed there most nights at least until 10:30p. So when you have a family with 4 young kids and your husband works overtime it means you work overtime too. Now, don't get me wrong I am not complaining I am just explaining.

On top of his new job and late hours I chose to wake up ooober early with a friend (via cell phones) and walk on the treadmill. So I did that successfully 4 days this week and still managed to keep my sanity. Yea me :)

My job at Little Lites has been great. I absolutely love working again but getting there is quite the chore in the mornings when you have an uncooperative 4 year old. One of the days he was crying on the way into school and I felt like I wish I could do that. 

On top of that my classes have kicked into high gear this semester. My math class requires 9 hours a week of logged in time (no exceptions) and my English class is a whole lot of writing which I of course don't mind it's just that when there is not another parent in the house to help with homework and you have homework yourself that YOU need help with(Mo is going to help me pass my math) life can get interesting. We survived.

I didn't even mention, laundry, dishes, dinners, lunches, dog messes(that just about threw me over the edge), regular 10,8,7, and 4 year old messes, and life in general stuff. I will have you know that the power of prayer works because I know I couldn't have made it through this week with out it.

So here I am thinking back on the week with a weekend full of events and I have decided to do some  rearranging already. Some things in my schedule this weekend have got to go so that I can have more down time. I have realized the older I get the importance of down time. Thanks much to Jesus and Louie's Sabbath teachings for that, but also it is part of my genetic makeup to not only have downtime but believe it or not alone time.  So here's to the weekend and everyone who worked super hard all week, cheers we made it!! 



scoey-d said...

Crying helps. I find that it provides a very needed release, rebalancing, & much needed perspective... regardless as to the type of tears (angry, happy, sad, worn out, depressed, broken heart, etc..)

You get the idea...

Hang in No..el..

noel said...

Thanks Louie- Yes crying is good it's true. I am a very private crier though. It is very hard for some reason for me to cry in front of others especially my kids. If I cry in front of my kids they begin to have little emotional break downs themselves which just makes everything worse.
But I agree with you I need a really good cry. Maybe I should watch a sad movie to get myself going.
Although, I would prefer to laugh until I cry, that's the best.

Erica said...

I hope your next week gets better. The start of a semester is hard. I'm breaking Morgan early into seeing me cry more lately. Now she goes.."ooh mama cries" and runs and gets me a kleenex, that makes me smile.

I hear you, Noel.

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