Monday, February 02, 2009

Christene and a Prayer Request

My friend Christene called today from Stafford Medical. After countless MRI's and tests and walking around with white round sticky things on her head she was retiring for the night only to wake early tomorrow for "the big dig" as she calls it. How do you sleep on a night like this? Knowing that the next morning they are going to cut open your head.
I am amazed by her strength and attitude despite one of the hardest setbacks in her life(she was in remission for the last 3 years) she still managed to make me laugh. 
She is amazing.
Please keep her in your prayers tomorrow and the rest of the week for her recovery from her 4th brain surgery. 


shontell said...

Praying for sure. Jesus give peace to all involved. God bless you friend.

shontell said...

Any news? I have been praying.

noel said...

yes, everything went well. they were able to get it all out, Thank you Jesus. all very good news and I should be able to call her tomorrow.
Thanks for praying.

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