Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 3 - Blue

I am not sure how well we pulled off blue. It was certainly a little less subtle than our other colors. Still, this was not a hard one because we could have just worn blue jeans and called it good. Now, tomorrow- yellow- that's going to get interesting. 
Emma is totally getting into this Tasha and I think you need to think of another fashion challenge for us harder than colors.
We both agreed that we could have done the dress under a skirt statement so bring it on!!


slogoin' vws said...

i'm so happy that someone is enjoying this. i really thought that more people who were scared to step out of what's comfortable would jump on the color bandwagon but i guess not...i also thought it was too easy. the hard one stumpled people too so where do i go from here. i do have a thought for february so keep your eyes peeled! and you two look great btw!

slogoin' vws said...


Erica said...

hey...your hat is green, Noel ;). Blue looks good on both of you. how about the color white or grey?

noel said...

i think you could do skirts for a week or hats for a week or funky socks.
you could do for the vw club all vw apparel only. umm.....those are just some ideas off the top of my head.
bummer that not many others got into it. some of my friends who have read on here have done some of the colors on some of the days.
we should do another for sure.

Jeni said...

I like Emma's subtle blue shirt underneath the black...

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