Monday, April 07, 2008

Some more Germany pics

The picture of the tower is one of my favorites from the whole trip because Aris explained the signaficant meaning behind this tower ,that it is one of seven others. If I remember correctly they were built as defense towers or look out towers to keep enemies out of Germany and now they are surrounded by the modern German world but still have purpose in that there is a new vision for these towers now. I would like to hear more about that vision because I think it's really cool. Again, Aris was a wonderful tour guide in more ways than one. We went on from here to try some German snacks and what not, one of which I still can't believe I actually ate. A hot dog with ketchup and curry spice. Me no likey!! But I ate it and have a picture to prove it but I can't make it go straight on this stinking blog, arrghhh!! The German Opera house at the top , in the light of day really is beautiful. Lots of construction going on when we were there probably cause it's the off season? Dunno. Anyway, the clear blue skies and crisp cold air reminded me of home.

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shontell said...

I love all of your pics. You seem so happy. I am glad you got to see such great history and architecture. I love it.

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