Sunday, April 20, 2008

Arriving at Jen's place in Budapest

When we finally arrived to Jen's beautiful home we were all so tired that we took a nap in the middle of the day. I just have to brag a bit about her place. After seeing a few homes in Germany and just the hostel in Italy I was so happy to see that my sister's home is exactly what I wanted to see. It was white and crisp and clean and spacious for a European home. She has a huge living room that still had projector screen in it when we arrived from a previous girls slumber party that she had a week earlier. Her kitchen has beautiful cupboards that are white of course with glass fronts. Her bed is in a loft like area and her bathroom was pretty large again for a home in Europe. Her neighbors were quiet(at least while we were there) and most mornings I woke to hearing the birds chirping and the sun coming in her living room window. When we woke from our nap Jenny made us a pesto pasta dinner and we just relaxed, did laundry, checked internet, and basically felt like we were home only we weren't.
Thanks again Jen.


Jen in Budapest said...

Awe, I wish you were here again to enjoy it. In May while Tanya is here I think we are going to have a bridal shower for Nori, her Bachelorette Party at my flat, a High school deal-e-o and lots more. I'm excited and so thankful to have this cool pad. :D

noel said...

me too. i asked tanya the other day if i could just travel in her carry on.

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