Thursday, July 19, 2007

Some things you never , ever forget

Tomorrow I was invited to go on a bike ride with a my sister friends. I haven't been on a bike for a while but I think that I will be alright. They reassured me that this ride wouldn't be too vigorous. I think it will be good to get out since I have pretty much been in house since last Friday when Chloe was in the hospital. They say you never forget how to ride a bike. Once you have learned it just comes back to you no matter how long it has been . I believe that to be true. At least I know it is for me.

Something I will also not soon forget when they rolled Chloe away for surgery. It has made me reflect, pause, clean house and re prioritize my life. Nothing else matters but the people God has given us as gifts. I really want to make sure that all the relationships I have been blessed with in this life I appreciate on a daily basis. Sometimes I forget things like how great it is to hear my children laugh, or go running through the house. I forgot how many people are around me on a regular basis that have made my life richer. I forgot that all that really matters and all that I can take with me when this journey here on earth is over are those relationships. I am thankful for new days, new beginings, and for some things you never, ever should forget.


JayBird said...


TPluckyT said...

My oldest had appendicitis when she was 12. Her mom was out of town and I just thought she had the flu. A few days later her mom returned and instructed me to get her to a hosptial immediately.

Come to find out that by then her appendix had ruptured and she ended up with peritonitis and almost died.

I can remember how I felt like it was yesterday . . . I didn't win Father-of-the-year that year.

I'm very pleased Chloe is doing so well . . .

Jeni said...

I am amazed at how humble and good natured Chloe is about the whole thing. Jeremy was trying to get her to show her scar and she didn't want to. Most kids would be flashin' the scars around like mad... :)

noel said...

jay-thanks for the amen
tim- thanks again for sharing your story, one thing is for sure parenting is not for cowards
jeni- i am sure that chloe was more just embarassed because of the more than one person around , she is happy to show off her scars on a one to one basis but really they are very small thanks to the lapriscopic (sp?) procedure that she had done.

shontell said...

are you just trying to make me cry because I made YOU cry? Don't you know how emotional my day has been already? I need to go hug a kid now.

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