Sunday, July 22, 2007

Approaching the Sabbath

Today was a bittersweet day for me in that it was great to be with everyone but as I looked around I began to feel sad in a way knowing that I won't be seeing everyone for the next few weeks. In sharing communion at second service I began to get a bit teared up which is silly I suppose but then maybe not. This past few weeks have been emotional for our family and as I looked around the room this morning I was very grateful for all the relationships that I have come to enjoy through Hillside. I was feeling the" vitamin love." :)
I am very excited in many ways to have this time because I believe that God is going to do some really big and also very small things to continue to grow me. I am proud to call Hillside my church family/community and I am proud of all of us for answering this call to step it up a notch. At the same time I am very mindful of how much this thing we call church has become a very normal part of my routine, a connection point if you will, and again not being one who is big on change it takes me a minute to get fully on board with any change.
I am on board fully with this change. Mostly because I know it a direct call to obedience but also because I know it is a necessary part of our growth as a church family.
Today some very close friends came to visit Hillside for the first time and thier newbie commentary was so, so positive. It made me really appreciate some things that maybe I have come to take for granted for the last 3 years that I have been a part of Hillside.
All that to say, I will miss you family. Looking forward to our bon-voyage on Saturday and the party that will launch this and also to what lies ahead.


Jeni said...

:( I don't want to not see you for a month. That would be quite sad. You've been like the big sister that I should have had for the last few months-- giving me the advice that my actual sisters should have given me. Thanks for that by the way. :)

noel said...

jeni- well, ya know i do have some practice inthe sister department and truly i am honored that you would say that of me jeni.
we will have to make plans this saturday for a time to hang out in august.

shontell said...

I am really glad I have brothers. No wonder you people cry all the time. Have you no happy thoughts? Nothing sarcastic or gross? sigh. I love brothers lol.
I agree though about missing everyone. I love going to church. I love walking in, my little ducks lined up in a row behind me. I love when people forget to turn off their cell phone and their ringtone is disco only they are waaay to old to have a ringtone anyway! Then, I love when my husband leans over and tries to get me to stand up and dance while their phone is ringing just to make Louie lose his concentration and crack up laughing. These are the things I will miss!!

noel said...

you are so silly shontelly!

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