Thursday, July 05, 2007

Love Hate Relationship

The ice cream truck or trucks that frequent my neighborhood several times a day slow down or completely stop in front of my house about 3 times a day. I have a love hate relationship with them.Now this is a relationship I feel I must explain. On the one hand I love this truck that symbolizes something so familiar to me and my childhood and the songs that they play can bring me right back to living in a small house on Siskiyou St. in Carson City. You could hear the truck from a mile away, it was much quieter back then :) and me and my siblings would pester my mother for probably back then 25 to 50 cents and off we would run to catch the ice cream truck. Also it reminds me of a HILARIOUS little bit that Eddie Murphy used to do about the ice cream truck man and if you haven't heard this act you have not truly lived.
The HATE comes in and enters stage left here- I am not made of money. Contrary to what my 4 children believe , it's really true. It doesn't grow on trees either some of the very same phrases I remember my mom saying to us when we were kids(sorry again mom) so that poses hate number one. Hate number two-enter stage right is that every time the kids get an ice cream I feel I need to get one also , in fact even when they don't get one I have my own secret stash of cold things in the freezer to get me through the summer months, and so the weight saga continues :)
I am not complaining , just explaining the saga of the ice cream trucks that come out and stay out until the sun goes down and the weather gets cold. Thought I would share , hope you enjoy.
Do you have any love hate relationships that you would care to share with me?


C&G said...

Wal-Mart. Enough said. :)

On a different note, I think my sister would really enjoy reading your blog. May I add you to my "Other Blogs" list?

noel said...

Enough said indeed! I share that one for sure and yes of course you can add me to your list, I would be honored :)

C&G said...

Thank you! You've been added to the blogroll on "At River's Edge".

Do you have a mySpace?

georgia said...

I used to drive an ice cream truck. I was my own best customer.

I always loved neighborhoods with houses like yours!!!

noel said...

georgia- you have lived some life :) how fun. ya, i know they love my house because more than likely we provide them half of thier income for the summer months. i guess there are worse things we could give our money toward than the local ice cream lady.

Jeni said...

In case you missed it on my last blog post, I have a love/hate relationship with swimsuits (leaning more toward hate.)
The love part is because I love going swimming on a hot summer day, or hot-tubbing on a cool autumn evening.

The hate part is because swimsuits do not have enough fabric in the right places if you know what I mean. If I buy one that fits my biggest parts, it result in a suit that is way too big everywhere else.

digapigmy said...

the ice cream truck is cool, yet annoying. i think we could probably have bank-rolled our germany trip with ice cream money the last couple years. i may be exaggerating, but not by too much. dylan lives for the thing, everybody wants one once it stops, it's an easy $2-$5 any day we decide to purchase.

noel said...

jeni- doesn't every girl have a love hate relationship with swimsuits?
brent- seriously, i think you could have made it to germany with money from the ice cream truck.
they must make some pretty good spending money.

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