Monday, February 03, 2014

Bubbles in the Bathtub

Tonight I sat in a bath until all the bubbles were gone and the water was luke warm.
At one point I actually fell asleep in the tub and woke with a splash. 
I suppose that is one indication that this momma is beyond tired. 
Did I mention that I am writing this post with absolutely NO caffeine in my body because I decided to go on a 10 day detox with my sisters?
Well... if this post doesn't make any sense at all and sounds more jibber jabberish than usual, you now know the reason why. 
It's crazy how tired a person can be, and not even realize it because they have so many ... what's the word
NO no no...
Stimulants coursing thru their veins. 
9 more days to go without caffeine, this should be interesting.
Where was I ?
Oh yea being tired...
It feels like since mid-November this house has been a revolving door.
To this, I am NOT opposed. 
I love having company.
Family and Friends truly are what this life is all about, so to be surrounded by them day and night is one of my favorite things, also brown paper packages tied up with string. 
But, the aftermath of that kinda busy is that I fall asleep in bath tubs and I have no energy what so ever to even think about the piles of laundry that need to be put away.
Hey... at least they are clean and folded.
Ok, so not all the piles are folded.
Or clean.
Let's get back to my wonderful bath tub shall we.
Tonight while I lay in the tub praying for people, myself included, I thought what a luxurious 
treat a hot bath is on a cold day.
I have been watching a lot of shows like Downton Abbey, where the time frame is set when hot running water was non-existent. 
To have a hot bath drawn up was such a laborious endeavor that usually it was for the whole family to bathe in. 
Could you imagine if you were the last one in that mirky, dirty, luke water tub?
Hurry quick let's not think about that.
Side-note *If you have not seen this PBS show, Downton Abbey go right now and get it, for real... GO!

Tonight, I was so grateful for my big, warm, bathtub full of bubbles that I think a tear may have leaked from my eye. 
Or that could've been when I startled and splashed myself?
Hee hee hee
Either way I was grateful beyond words for this simple thing;  a warm bath on a cold winter night. 
And I thought, it is the simple pleasures like this that remind me of how truly fortunate I am. 
My strong feelings of gratitude made me think of an old Petra song, called Thankful Heart. 
I wonder how many of you remember this song? 
It's an oldie but a goodie, because it says the very reason I have this thankful heart is because of you God. 
Every good and perfect gift comes from you, Father of Lights. 
Thankful hearts come from you.
Detox with sisters comes from you.
Downton Abbey comes from you. 
CAFFEINE comes from you. (Can I get a witness)
Old Petra songs that make me smile come from you.
Even warm cozy Bubble baths come from you. 
If you haven't heard this old song in a while or ever.... I think you should give it a go.
I need you all to know, this song right here is putting me in the WAY back machine.
I wonder, did that make any sense at all?


shontell said...

A good reminder of giving thanks where credit is due, friend. And as a matter of fact, just yesterday, I was drinking an Americano, and I turned to the squirrel and said "this coffee is so good. It's as if Jesus was the farmer, and grew these beans, and sent them to me to be my coffee." So. Yah. God, coffee was a brilliant touch. Amen.

No(dot dot)el said...

Ha ha ...Yes, a good cup of coffee is without a doubt one of God's greatest gifts.

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