Sunday, January 26, 2014

Did I Tell You ?

Did I tell you I got a new camera for Christmas ?

Hmmm... I'm sorry I forgot to mention that.
Well, I probably didn't mention it because I've been so busy taking pictures of these beauties.
I'm pretty sure that I could take pictures of little cuties, all the Live Long Day!!
In fact, I think that I might just do that. 
Ok, now that we covered what I've been doing with my new camera let me tell you, that although my camera (A Nikon D3100) is a fancy pants camera, 
I'm pretty sure
It couldn't make these cuties any cuter even if it tried. 
Say that five times fast!
Don't you agree?
Aren't they just 
Ca HUTE !!
I'm talking 
Cute with a capital C.
Now that I don't have babies of my own I enjoy the time with other peoples babies immensely.
Could you tell?
It's not at all obvious is it?


No(dot dot)el said...
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shontell said...

Very. Love those baby faces

No(dot dot)el said...

Yes those baby faces are too cute!!

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