Friday, November 15, 2013

Caterfly Identity - A book review

I'm sitting here on this beautiful fall morning, and the music in the back round being played by Spotify is Possibility by Lykke Li. 

You know that famous song from Twilight?
"There's a possibility"
I used to make fun of this song with my teen girls like when they would ask me 
"Mom can I go over to so and so's house tonight?"
I would bust out singing 
"There's a possibility"
They would then of course go "Ugh... Ma!!" 
And the rolling of eyes would of course concur. 
I kinda even became annoying to myself with that song.
It makes me giggle just thinking about that. 
I suppose it's not really nice to tease your teens, but I have to admit I find great pleasure in it.
Am I alone in that guilty pleasure?
I bet not.

Ok moving on, I really came here to tell you about my sister's friend Lara's new book Caterfly.
You can read more of Lara's heart  here:
If you haven't heard about this book though, I would like to be the first to tell you it is a great read for any and all ladies in your life and even the men folk are enjoying it, so I've been told.

The book is about finding our true identity as women.
As women we have been forced fed with lies about what we should look like, act like, talk like, even eat like to be beautiful and Lara bust open these lies and brings the truth home in a very poignant way.
She shares personal stories of her journey in finding her true identity and how that didn't come until much later in life for her. 
She talks about the natural process of struggle that a Caterpillar turning into a Butterfly has to experience in order to be able to fly. And this correlates with how we as women have to struggle to get to the place where we realize our true identity and beauty is found in only one place.
She is passionate about encouraging women and young ladies to look to God's Mirror rather than the Mirror on the Wall or the Mirror of the World. 

If you have any ladies in your life I would strongly encourage you to get them a copy. 
It is packed full of encouragement and reminders from God's word that we are all unique and dearly loved children of God.

Speaking of children I just want to say that, that child of mine up there, well she's getting all growed up right before my very eyes, and I can hardly believe the young woman that is before me now.
She asked if we could go pick up a drivers ed manual this weekend.
I'm taking deep, deep breaths kind of like in labor only this time what's being birthed in this house are young adults and I'm extremely aware of how fast the time is flying by.
I wonder how long I will be able to tease her with silly Twilight songs?

She's reading Caterfly, along with her sister Chloe and even my son Solomon expressed an interest in reading the book. They think it's pretty cool that their mom is quoted in it and their Auntie Jenny.
I'm  so thankful to Lara and her commitment and hard work to write this book that I'm able to share with my children. I know these words and the words of many others quoted in the book will be life changing for them. 

Go out and get your copy this weekend, meanwhile I'll be picking up a copy of DMV drivers manual. 


shontell said...

It's next on my list. And. Hello. Mocking teenagers keeps us amiable. Otherwise their attitudes will do us in. Make mock. Make it like crazy!! Keep yourself sane.

No(dot dot)el said...

It's SO good Queenie!! You will be encouraged and reminded of some good stuff. AND I knew you would have my back on the teens and teasing ;)

Kelly said...

That sounds like an amazing book! I've been thinking about you so much lately! How ARE you?! It's been almost a YEAR since we've talked regularly and I miss you my friend! What's going on in that pretty little life of yours?

Sarah {the fontenot four} said...

This book sounds wonderful!! I need to look into it. Hope you're doing well, friend!

No(dot dot)el said...

Boy howdy it's been a too long since I've been back on here!!

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