Friday, April 19, 2013

Major Mom Faux Pas

I have a funny little story to tell you.
 Funny to me, not so much to my sweet Solly Dolly.
Do you see that look he's giving me in the above photo... well that doesn't even come close to the one he gave me this morning.

 I hope this lil story makes you laugh.
Beloved reader, We could use a laugh right about now don't cha think?
I still can't believe I did this to my oh so sweet Prince Solomon. 
 I am confessing it here to you now beloved reader, in hopes of forgiveness, absolution, and wishful thinking that someone else out there has made a similar mistake.
Please, would you be so kind as to make up some similar stories of embarrassing moments with your kids if you haven't done something so stupid in your parenting career?

That's right, just lie to me and make me feel better would ya?!!
I said Please.

Ok so here goes nothing.
First a little back story.

For those of you out there who are moms of boys there is a certain age that our sons embark on  (usually around double digits) where it is no longer ok to point out anything that has to do with a certain area of their bodies, our bodies, anyone's bodies.
Even the word bodies might be reason enough for a conviction from them.
Those of you who have sons, KNOW exactly what I'm talking about.
The nether regions are off limits for Moms of boys in double digits. 
You just DON't go there.
Netherlands with 11 year old BOYS + Moms who are GIRLS= OFF LIMITS!!

I have taken great measures not to embarrass my boys, BUT in my defense,
 I come from a long line of talk-ers.
A long line of just saying what needs to be said-ers.
A long line of .... well My Mom Ellen... 
Enough said.
Ok moving on.

Here's the story
Every Friday morning I volunteer at my children's school in the library.
Before you judge me for this here Faux Pas, just remember I VOLUNTEER!!
That should count for something, somewhere shouldn't it?
Actually, shhh don't tell but the real reason I'm there every Friday morning is because I dig the kids school librarian. She is ... well she's awesome, and I just like to hang out with her. So, I do.
Every Friday.
I love Fridays.
Every Friday me and my boys drive into school together which gives us more time to get ready and of course more time to talk. (Really, more time for them to goof off, but let's just stay on the wishful thinking notion here)
The rest of the week they have very different schedules so
I treasure this time with my boys every Friday morning.
I know in the not so distant future Friday mornings with my boys will NOT BE so we take our time.

Once we get there we walk into school together and we say good bye usually right there at the entrance of the school. 
Isaiah goes off to his class and Solomon goes with me into the office where I sign in and he prepares for morning announcements. Oh right, you might not know this but my son Solomon he's the school President(Big Man on Campus) so he does morning announcements with 3 other student council members. The Vice President Brett who is Sol's best friend, and two girls.

So that brings us to today. 
Sol goes off and gets the announcements ready, I'm signing in and getting my badge and then I turn to say goodbye just like I do every Friday.
He's sitting down across from the two girls who help with announcements and so I know I can't give him a mushy kiss and hug goodbye, or say things like ; "Did you remember to wear deodorant today son?" 
I can't and don't say that.

Here's what I did say;

"Ok buddy, I love you, have a great day, and 
X Y Z!!!"

No sooner had the words come out of my mouth then I realized what 
H U G E 
those three little letters would be in mixed company.

X Y Z!!!

How could I be so NOT observant?
Poor Solomon.
He looked up at me like as if to say,
"Really MOM??!!"
At which point I totally just thought it would be best to turn and walk away.

that's what I was thinking in my head. 


Julie Marie said...

hahaha...well our kids have to be embarrassed once in awhile to keep them in check, this way they know you always got something on them in case you HAVE to use it! ;)

Anna said...

Oh no! lol Poor guy!

Hopefully, one day you guys will be able to look back on that and laugh...together. ;)

No(dot dot)el said...

@Julie- it's really true. I feel it's kind of our parental duty ;) although this time I really felt bad for my guy. he handled it like a champ though. didn't overreact and zipped his fly like it was no big thing.
@Anna- I know right? Oh we already did.

TicoTina said...

my mom and her sister used to make it kind of a sport to embarrass me and my cousin... as a parent now, I realize how fun and tempting that will be with our kids, LOL. however, I shall tryyyy not to =) thankfully I have a few years yet until that will probably happen.

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