Monday, April 15, 2013

God Is Good

Good Evening to YOU Beloved Reader.
I'm not sure what to begin with.
What a strange course this post has taken.
I started it this morning when I read the quote below,
and then came back to it this afternoon after the Boston bombings. And now here I sit this evening with this post that in a matter of 8 hours has taken on a whole new meaning. If you want the bullet point version of this post here it is;
-God is good.
In every season.
-God is still good.
- When bad things happen,God is still on the throne.
-In the Winter and in the Spring, 
one thing remains;
God and His faithfulness.

Here's the quote that got this train of though rolling;

"The joyful birds prolong the strain, 
their song with every spring renewed;
the air we breathe, and the falling rain,
each softly whispers:
John Hampden Gurney
The above quote reminds me of two things;
1.)Seasons are important,
B.)The present moment is a gift.
Whether it is in the Winter or the Spring.
Present aka Gift.

Oh and 
D.) Am I listening long enough, well enough to always be hearing the soft whisper that indeed says, God Is Good?

There is a renewal process that happens every Spring that gives birth to new life. But, what we want so desperately to forget in the Spring is what caused this life to come to pass. 
The Cold, Dark Winter.

We even whine and complain if Spring starts to change it's mind and head back into those symptoms of Winter we are trying to forget!
Can I get a witness those of you who live in Minnesota terrain?

With the cold dark days of December behind us now, it's easy to shout the praise from the mountain tops.
We get a spring in our step,
A spring in our song, 
Heck even a spring in our cleaning!!
And that's great. 
It's the way it should be.
I'm just reminded by this quote to think a little deeper.
Because although, its easy to say God is Good when things are coming back to life, it is a very hard position to take when death is on the line.
("Never mess with a Cecilian when DEATH is ON THE LINE!!" You're welcome Princess Bride fans)

So I ask myself what was    
 my song,
 my step,
 and even the cleaning of my own heart like this winter?
I can honestly say that this Winter was a lot better than those that have gone before it.
Still, there was some lag in my step.
But as my kids went on Spring break this past week I had the thought that I could hardly believe it was over. 
The Winter is over.
Spring is here.
It didn't seem like some Winters that have gone before it to be so long that I wondered if there would ever be a Sunrise AGAIN!!
Ya know what I'm saying?
 I guess that's a good sign.
I bet by now you are gathering that Winter is not my favorite?!
Yer, A smart one young whipper snapper !!

This past week has been filled from top to bottom with nothing but goodness for me and mine. 
A much needed visit from Momma Nash has been the main reason, as well as having some much needed time with my Fab 4 while they have all been on Spring break.

Do you ever have weeks like this?
Where everyone is healthy,
everyone is happy,
and all is right with the world?

I can't help but sing God's praise in the midst of such goodness.
So that's what I'm gonna do here for a minute.
Listen real close. This is me, 
singing God's praise.

As we are in full swing into this Spring season(say that five times fast for fun) I start to think about what lies ahead. The flowers are blooming. The birds are chirping. My kids will soon be wrapping up this school year and in less than 1 month I will have two teenage girls in my house. 1 in High School, 2 in Middle School and only 1 left in Elementary school. I'm coming up on a new season of life(BIG KID SEASON)

This Spring break provided such a wonderful time to take the pulse of this lil family we call MoNoSco and the pulse was strong.
It was good.
Because God is good.
I give thanks for this.

*Now, as I sit here and type the news of the Boston Marathon bombing has just hit the airwaves and I'm praying for all those on the east coast that may have been affected by this.
I have family on the East coast who thankfully are all okay, but I'm thankful with pause now.
No longer a Spring in my step.
It is a crazy thought that someone this morning got up, laced their shoes for a race they have been training for months, maybe even all year, and now finds themselves either injured, or worse gone forever.

Although it is Spring for all of us, someone over there has just headed back into Winter. The darkest one they will have ever faced. And I hope and pray for them even in the midst of this they are able to say 
God is STILL Good!

It's hard to make sense of such senseless acts of violence.
Try as we might, that is why they are appropriately named.
So, I am not even going to attempt to make sense of the difference a day made in my heart.
It started out with a spring and not a care in the world and has ended now here with extreme sadness for those in Boston.
But one thing has remained;
God in His Goodness.
At the Foursquare Church youth camps that my husband and I used to frequent,there was a saying that would get said A LOT!
The speaker would say,(or shout depending on how The Spirit was moving)
and the people would say in return

And even though I don't understand days like today, somehow, by the grace of God, I do understand this.

It reminds me that life, the air we breathe when we wake each day is so very precious.
The present really is a gift, not to be taken for granted.


Bernadette Veenstra said...

God is Good-ALL the Time!!!

No(dot dot)el said...

YEP!! ALL the time! He really is amazing how he can turn all things for good. Miss you girl!

shontell said...

Let's try. God is GOOD!

Anna said...

Beautiful post, Noel.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families affected by the Boston Marathon explosions as well as all the craziness that is taking place right now. It's hard to fathom.

No(dot dot)el said...

@Shontell - All the TIME!!
@Anna- thank you. I know it really was such a senseless act of violence, and makes my heart heavy to think about the innocent victims. :(

Julie Marie said...

this is beautiful and so so true.. God is so faithful and so good all the time. he never leaves us nor forsakes us and is with us as we walk through the valley of death...
so thankful for his peace in the midst of lifes storms.. hope you are doing well friend =) xo

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