Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Maccy

So my beloved Maccy is dead. Ka-put! Gone-zo!
I did not have a back up system in place and so everything on my said Maccy is Ka-put, Gone-zo... no longer in existence except in my mind.
This evokes all kinds of emotions.

It's not as though my house burned down. Which recently happened to my beautiful mom-in-love's bed in breakfast in MS. It was filled from top to bottom with her mothers lifetimes worth of memories.
Thankfully no one was in the house when it burnt to the ground, but still there were treasures lost.

This recent loss for her has definitely helped me keep things in perspective when it comes to My Maccy, still I miss him.

It is a shock. To have all the pictures, stories, information just gone! I imagine an even greater shock when your whole house and everything in it is just gone. Or when you have had something stolen from you.

These thoughts and many more keep this experience for me in perspective. I suppose that's the lesson learned. It's all about perspective.

I have never been more grateful for my little Iphone. The past week would have been a lot worse if it weren't for that lil apple, can't wait to get the big apple back though.I am not skilled enough to write an entire blog on my little apple so
currently,I am typing this on what My Mr. Big just purchased. A little PC called ASPIRE. It's teeny tiny and will make a great computer for the kids when we get Maccy back. Going back to a PC after being on the Mac is very interesting me. I remember learning the Mac and getting so frustrated,and actually that's how he got his nick name because I would say in frustration "MAC...KEY why you do me like that?"

When he returns directly upon his arrival home I will be sure to switch over to the camp that "hopes for the best but prepares for the worst". I might do a little dance, sing a little song, and continue keeping things in perspective.

Lesson Learned.


shontell said...

This was my nightmare this week. I kept thinking my computer was going to die an instant painless to it death minutes before I pushed send on my homework. As I was typing up my email to send to my teacher, I kid you not, my heart was beginning to beat a little faster at the thought of it. It's in, but I will feel better when my grade is posted and she says, "It is finished." Also, your lesson learned should also be to back up your shiz. FOCUS WOMAN

noel said...

Oh no, that's terrible! Didn't mean to frighten you that way but I am sure you are in the camp that is prepared :) I anxiously await more blogs as you finish up with all your work :) and we need to have an update phone call sometime very soon.

Yes, lesson learned in a lot of ways on this one. My computer is just not the same. I got it back this week and we lost not only all our photos, and all my writings, but all our programs as well. It's just not the same my Maccy. But he's backed up now at least. I have the old hardrive and I am hoping I can get some things off of it still. Such a sad day when his screen when completely blank.

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