Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Ignorance is Bliss

Well, last night while strolling the neighborhood with my trick-or-treaters I started to ponder the thought of this Holiday Halloween, and what it must look like to foreigners.?!?

You see, I live in a neighborhood that is made up of the Nations. I absolutely love this about where I live, but when it comes to American holidays I wonder what they must think about this one.

You see, we teach our children all year long to not talk to strangers, not to eat too much sugar, don't walk out in the middle of the street and on and on... and on this one night we abandon all for the sake of a bag full of m&m's and tootsie rolls.!!! ???

When we first moved here I didn't realize that we live in an area that many have migrated to from India. In India a holiday that is a lot like our Christmas is one called Diwali. Well, this is our third season of Diwali and so when I see the lights go up I no longer think "Oh come on, we haven't even had Halloween yet?" I used to think we just had a bunch of overly excited Christmas Elfs that got started on the outside lights in October. I am embarrassed to say, this goes to show you how small my world view was. Now I know that when the lights start going up it is not Christmas Elves(I enjoy the lights all the same) but those that celebrate this Festival of Lights, Diwali.

Now that I have a bit more understanding about their holiday I wonder how would I explain this Holiday Halloween.
I am not sure I can explain it just yet, but I would say I have made it what I want it to be. A day when little kids get to use their imaginations to the fullest degree, wear that creativity on their bodies, and then be rewarded for it :)

I know this is a very simple minded look at it, but ignorance is bliss;

Happy Halloween!!
Happy Diwali!!


shontell said...

I just tell everyone we celebrate because it is my birthday. Just show those Indians my picture. They will understand.

noel said...

LOL, Shontell I love you <3

shontell said...


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