Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Selah and Joy

The word Selah in the bible means to pause, stop and truly reflect. I am having that kind of day today where I am reflecting about the scripture in the bible that says, "Let the Joy of the Lord be your strength."

Last night our pipes froze. Moses woke up this morning to not having any running water for his shower before work. Thankfully, me and the kids had bathed the night before but all the same it made for a stressful morning.
Then the night before we heard from a friend that he is getting a divorce. It came as quite a shock and deeply saddened both Moses and I.

Today I received an email from a very close friend that her youngest is in the hospital and they are running tests to find out what might be the cause of some frightening symptoms.
Life and all its joys and sorrows comes in waves. These events have surely brought about a wave of sadness. The odd thing is that just today I was praying out loud with only the ears of my precious 5 year old around to hear me. I was walking around saying, "Thank you Father God for a happy healthy 5 year old named Isaiah, Thank you Father God for a happy healthy 8 year old named Solomon, Thank you Father God for a happy healthy 9 year old named Chloe, Thank you Father God for a happy healthy 11 year old named Emma, Thank you Father God for a happy healthy husband named Moses." I hadn't finished my list of things I was thankful for when Isaiah chimed in with, " And Thank you Father God for a happy healthy Mommy that's named Noel"

There are some things in life that can bring momentary happiness and this time of year the commercials are filled with those things, but something that brings true joy is to hear your 5 year old pray for you and to know that the Creator of Heaven and Earth heard that thanksgiving. There is nothing quite like that, and that, I believe will give me the strength and the true Joy the bible talks about.
Our pipes freezing in comparison to the emotional and physical trials of friends pales in comparison and puts it all back into perspective again for me. I am thankful for a healthy dose of perspective today and also for true joy.


noel said...

One more final note. That boy right there at the end of this blog is joy to my heart. Pure Joy.

slogoin' vws said...


shontell said...

Sorry for the hard news friend. It is overwhelming to hold others up for a lot of reasons, but mostly because we feel God's grace that we aren't the ones dealing with the issue directly. Be strong. Miss you.

Erica said...

that is so precious what Isaiah said.. out of the mouths of babes. I'll be thinking of you for peace/strength

noel said...

Thanks Shontelly. I feel that grace all the time, everyday I have breath in my lungs really. I miss you too.
Erica- thank you I appreciate that.

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