Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Max Marathon

I used to only ever read self-help/spiritual books or the bible. A while back I realized that was the same with music. I used to only listen to Christian music. Secular/Non Secular call it whatever you want, but over the years I have realized it's all the same to me. That is my 2 cents worth about that topic, take it or leave it. It's funny when Moses and I talk about music because many of the bands of the 80's and 90's I have no recollection of because of this. He will say something like, "Don't you remember that song" to which I will respond " Nope never heard it" to which he will say, "Man where were you?" and I will think in my head I was in a bubble. I am glad in many ways to have bursted that bubble. Who did the bursting I am not exactly sure but all the same it has bursted wide open.
So anyway, that was a rabbit trail thanks for following back to the topic at hand... back in the day when I was inside the bubble my favorite author and still he is one of my favorites now is/was Max Lucado. I used to work at a Christian book store and every new release of his was quickly purchased, read through, and placed on my self at home. I just love the way this man writes in pictures. Well, since outside the bubble I haven't picked up any of his new releases and or read the old ones in a long time
SO.....(the whole point of this blog is coming.... wait for it... wait for it....)

I have decided over the course of the next few weeks of Christmas Break that I am going to go on a Max Lucado Marathon. While studying the shelves of books that my hubby so masterfully assembled from Ikea I realized that I have almost everyone of this man's titles(except new titles as stated above). After realizing it has been a while since I have dug deep into one of them I thought it's about time, so I am going on a Max marathon. His books always make me cry so I will make sure I have kleenex nearby.

The titles on the road map are as follows:

Next Door Savior

Just Like Jesus

And The Angels Were Silent

I will report back in a few weeks if I survive this marathon without a bucket load of tears and hopefully a good reminder or two.
Until then please enjoy some more new pictures.

The pics are of the Space Needle in Seattle, A butterfly that Landed on Sol's hand while in the Butterfly garden at PSC, and one from Sol's birthday party in October right before moving(seems so long ago now).

When I look at all the boys in that last photo my heart aches to think of the next time we will see them all. I sure do feel a case of homesickness coming on. Good thing this city has many distractions to hold me over until the next time we all are able to meet again.


nashelle said...

You fill my heart with love and admiration for you. You are such a beautiful woman. I am very glad my son married you are my daughter also. Thank you.

Jeni said...

Have fun with your Max marathon!

shontell said...

What a fun idea. I did this sort of thing with my movies that I love oh so much. I watched them in alphabetical order. OCD-ish, but fun. Good idea for all the books I have been given or started, but never finished. Maybe when I am not reading the really awesome workings of textbooks I will finally finish a few of those.

slogoin' vws said...

i refrained from tears welling up until reading your mil's comment there, then i was suddenly reaching for a tissue...dang it, i hate when that happens at work!

noel said...

thank you momma nash- i feel so grateful to have you in my life as a bonus to marrying the man i love. what a lucky girl i am.
jeni- it has been fun so far. already making my one through the first book.
shontell- i guess it is sorta ocd huh, i never thought i would ever have an ocd moment oh wait i am not reading them in alphabetical order though. nope no rhyme or reason for the order. it is fun way to read and not have to buy new books too :) just go through all the books i took the trouble to move up here... way to recycle... yeah me!!
tasha- yes that mil has a way with words doesn't she.

Jen's World said...

great picture of the boys, Noel. LOVE that!!

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