Wednesday, November 05, 2008

You won't be disappointed

Well, I have to say that I am extremely happy about our new President. I am disappointed that more friends and family are not as excited about this as I am. I understand that the media put out alot of information about Obama that would cause people to be afraid or alarmed but I thought my friends and family were smart enough to know that you can't believe everything you read and hear.
I have read Obama's book "The Audacity of Hope" and am planning on reading his other publishing's but for everyone who has only been listening to the media or the 700 club version of life as we know it I would encourage to take a second look at the man who will soon be your president too.
I would have to say that I wasn't an Obama fan until I went to see him in person way back when he was still running against Hillary. At that event I saw in this man the President I always read about in history books been never actually experienced in my life time. He has a way with words that not only inspires but makes you want to stand up and shout. I believe he will prove to be the right man for the job ahead of him. What a job it is.
Time will tell if he brings hope or more of the same but I would have to say I am already more hopeful about America's future than I was yesterday. You have to give this man credit for getting the most voters out there than we have seen in a long time. 
And to all you Nay-sayers who have nothing but gloom and doom to project now that he won I say, give him two seconds to prove you wrong. You will not be disappointed.


Murdoc said...

Two words: Snake oil salesman...
If Obama really does what he's promised, he'll won't be president long thanks to the CIA, NSA, or some other govt acronym. I'm sure they'd find some hillbilly wacko to be their patsy too.

noel said...

Ben-You know who you sound like , the old lady on Princess Bride who boos her when she comes out on the stage. BOO BOO!!
Sorry I just couldn't resist. Tis true he did make alot of promises but don't they all. Time will tell but stop already with your BOOS!!

David said...

Many people who voted for Obama are irrationally claiming positive change definitely will occur because Obama is not a human, not a politician, and is infallible.

On the other hand, many people who voted for McCain are irrationally claiming the U.S. soon will not exist and that the terrorists will take the joint over


But it's interesting that you say we can't believe what the media tells us, yet you leave out the fact that you can't believe everything you read, either.

Enjoy your book ... and if I used those stupid emoticons, I would use a smiley one now to make myself feel better about writing what might be an overly sardonic comment on your blog.

noel said...

David, at least you are fair in your reasonings. Did I leave out what you read? I do believe I included what you read which of course would include even this post. But yes, I did already read his Audacity of Hope book and it was the clincher for me several months ago when I was still deciding where my vote was going to go.
I unlike many other Obama followers realize quite well that he will not solve all the problems that we face here in America but I do honestly believe in my heart that he is the better man for this hour in our country.

Murdoc said...

$10 says that book was on Oprah's book club list...right Noel?

David said...

You did include "what you read," but I guess it just didn't make sense to me for you to mention that and then talk about how you just read his book.

It's kind of a contradiction, right?

noel said...

ben, no it wasn't actually on the oprah book club list. i have actually never read a single oprah book club choice believe or not. i have read some books that were advertised on her show but never one that was on her list. huh, don't really know why. i should add that on my list of things to do in life :)

david- yes i suppose it is but then i think i was referring to what others have printed about him and not what he has written himself. i suppose his books could be all lies but i have found this one to be really balanced and surprisingly honest. it is a really good read and although i know boaz or even shawn l. would probably rather have teeth pulled then read it, it is something that historically speaking they both would really enjoy. he goes into to great detail about the constitution, our founding fathers and things like that. i might have to post some quotes sometime soon.

some of my favorites are the story of when he first met president bush and senator byrd. his perspective is like that of the average citizen, kinda like being a fly on the wall in the whitehouse. really cool stuff.

noel said...

oh yes and ben i will take that 10 dollars in 1 dollar bills !!!!

digapigmy said...

noel, just wait. obama will make sure someone who makes "too much" money will provide you with more money than the $10 ben will give you.

i'm irritated that you somehow think only people who watch the 700 club or other retarded Christian programming dislike obama. i don't watch the 700 club. i read HISTORY BOOKS and i have taken more than my share of economics classes. what obama proposes is just bad policy as history and a simple understanding of how money works tells most folks. it has been done before. remember the ussr "where everyone has a job and no one works?" remember the lines of people waiting for toilet paper? people won't work harder so they can provide more support for people that nature would have eliminated long ago.

he is not dangerous for religious reasons, he is dangerous because if he does half of what he says his "rich person" threshold will continue to drop until many of your family and friends who already are not happy are paying more of their hard earned money to support the jobless, listless, worthless members of our society.

luckily, obama represents about as much change as the penny dispenser at 7-11. he lied to get where he is, he is just a tool of the political machine like everyone else so not much else will change. but we do have him and mccain both to thank for that economic stimulus package that went directly to the banks. i sure do feel less pressure on my pocket book already. whew! the first in a line of great policy decisions to come.

if it makes you feel any better, i would be 90% as bitter if mccain had one. he is only slightly less douche-y and palin is a retard (ranking slightly below biden on the moron scale)

noel said...

brent to that i say , yippee let the socialist society begin!! pshh...the socialism/communism that you speak of will not and could not happen in this country unless we all fell asleep, stuck our heads in our a** and let the government run a muck...oh wait that's what just happened in the last 8 years.
we didn't become socialist but we sure did let some thief-ing take place. hopefully we have learned some things.
first off brent his plans financially for this country are no where near the communist plans of the ussr. i don't know where your sources are coming from but you need to find some more on point realistic ones if you ask me.
second he is not as dangerous as some would have you believe because of this really great thing called checks and balances, and congress among other things.
third i don't have many friends that make more than 200,000 a year that would work out to be 16,000 a month(that's a figure i am sure you being the math genius that you are did not need but i threw it in for free). ummmm...if you are making that much money a month and can't seem to manage a little tax increase than you have either been a complete idiot with your money or you need to find better financial advisors. that amount of money would pay off all my debts. seriously, it is ludicrous to say that you are upset with the first president elect who has said he will be increases taxes for himself. come on now. who does that? the guys legit. as far as my friends who are blessed enough to make that and more they are not worried about the tax increases so why should you be.
finally i don't believe that he will be able to make all the changes he promised because as i mentioned before there will be those people who won't allow him to in the senate. he's just a man. he's not the end all, but he is going to be a great president , that i really do believe. we haven't seen a great president for quite some time and if for no other reason his election alone has already brought some healing to people in this country then that's enough for me.
oh and don't be bitter, it's only 4 years!!

digapigmy said...

probably shouldn't bother, but you pushed my "liberal" button.

i remember being accosted by a panhandler and as i refused to give him money, he said, "come on, you can afford it." yeah, because i have a job, i didn't drink away my life, etc. because people can afford to pay more doesn't mean that they should. rich people don't owe you or me or their country anything more than the same percentage of money the rest of us pay. the graduated tax system is stealing, plain and simple. it's robin hood economics, blown further out of proportion to "spread the wealth" (the tenent of socialism for you non-history buffs who think I need better facts).

and what i meant by your friends, is that when the system doesn't work to cut off at $250,000 (already dropped to $200,000 in recent statements) will continue to drop to fund all the stupidity in the economic plan. eventually many of us will fall under the "rich" threshold as it needs to be defined for funding (a similar thing happened in Cuba).

i know i won't convince you of anything, but remember two things:
1. saying socialism isn't socialism doesn't make it true (and the fact we've been slowly heading that way under Republican leadership is another sad statement on the state of our nation)

2. rich people don't owe you, me, the pregnant teenager, the mother of 4 with three different daddies, the laid off factory worker . . . anything.

noel said...

well, i am glad you bothered.
i agree with you that rich people don't owe ME anything but as a citizen of america where our taxes pay for alot of things there needs to be a balancing of the scales. the percentage that i pay versus what they pay doesn't even match up when you take the value of a dollar in a household only making 25,000 a year versus someone who is making 200,000 a year or more it is not hard to see that this is something that won't even phase them.
the people that you mention are the people who will take advantage of any system in place and you neglect to mention the father who is working 2 jobs the mother who is working 2 jobs all just so they can live the american dream meanwhile their children never see their parents and it's not because they don't want to see them. these are people who deserve to be given some attention when we speak about balancing the scales and socialism these are the people that i think about and so that right there might be where won't ever see eye to eye.
i am only going to say 2 more things-
i imagine you have many buttons that can be pushed my friend, and i am glad i pushed that one.
and the other thing is that the rich people won't even notice !! most of the people who voted for obama are the elite in society who know they will be taxed and you don't see them upset over this. it's because they know how off base the financial structure in this country has been and they are not afraid of change.

Murdoc said...

Brint- Reasoning & rational dont work.

If you want "fair," a flat tax of say 15-18% for everyone. The whole american dream thing is fairly lame. Brint, Shawn & myself generally end up talking economics & the american lifestyle on our runs. It usually comes back to the fact that most people live beyond their means. If they have money they spend it. It they don't...they spend it. It's time people take responsibility for themselves & their bad decisions. I'm sure there is a reason that the daddy works 2 jobs & the mommy works 2 jobs just to live the american dream. Here are some.

1. lack of education
2. lack of skills
3. overextended financially

And the poor children...Hopefully they learn from their parents mistakes & don't do the same.

"Balancing the scales" will do nothing but reward poor decisions. Do you really believe that the "poor" people are now going to somehow manage all this new found money better than before? I'd bet not. People are generally bad with money. It's the american culture. People are told to spend what they have & if you don't have, there's always 2 or 3 credit cards to max out.

250,000 or 200,000 is not a lot of money when it comes to SMALL business.

Maybe there should be a graduated tithe scale too. I mean, rich people have too much money so maybe they should pick up my slack too. Why should I give anywhere near the same % as a millionaire? That's not fair. They should probably give 40% & I should probably only do somewhere around 3% if any. That makes sense right.

Balancing the scales has worked great in many of the great countries of social communism. Countries like.....

noel said...

logic and reason that talks about people as though they are a statistic and not a life, a business deal and not a person who has found themselves down on their luck won't work with me you are right about that.
ummm... the reason the mommy and daddy work 2 jobs,they are my neighbors, they are hispanic, they have 2 children, and they bought a home. if you think buying a home in my neighborhood is beyond their means i would like to see where else they should have gone.
no not all people live beyond their means ben. simply not true for all people that have found themselves in need of a little help. most people who need help right now are there because they got ripped off in the housing market, lost their jobs, and or had a medical emergency that they couldn't afford to pay for and that their insurance company didn't want to pay for because they went to the wrong hospital.
we could go on and on and i agree to disagree agreeably with you both about this one. i am ready for change and thank God so is most everyone else in this country.

digapigmy said...

if you can't afford a house, you live in an apartment. living beyond our means.

got screwed in the housing market = signed up for a loan you couldn't pay. who's fault is that? and who decided to bail out the banks instead of the people? obama and mccain, hand in hand. living beyond our means.

mommy and daddy work two jobs, own two cars, have cell phones, cable tv, high-speed internet, kids have iPods. living beyond our means.

what passes for poor in this country is ridiculous. if you have one car, you are richer than most of the people in the world. living beyond our means.

change=no personal financial responsibility.

logic and reason treat people as statistics to make decisions that is best for society as a whole. any program is bad for someone, and there is always some touchy-feely story that will cloud sound decisions and good judgement.

hispanic and possibly legitimate, but if they're illegal i have no sympathy. if we stopped illegal immigration and had a flat tax and eliminated government pork, there would be no deficit.

you are right that a lot of people are ready for a change: they are ready for hand-outs from the government. that's a change i can live without. and again history - when the bulk of society is dependent on the government to maintain their lifestyle and have no real skills, the government increases in power and control. checks and balances with a democratic congress and the next Supreme Court nominee from Obama will not exist - for four years until people with jobs get tired of watching that $200,000 threshold drop to their level, watch the quality of their health care drop, lose jobs as businesses close, etc. ahh, change.

noel said...

brent you make me laugh, seriously. these kids don't even have electricity right now that's how high on the hog they are living. thank God they have a fireplace, but nope no cell phones, and yes they are legal, they did vote and it was not for more of the same.
anyhew- i see your points about people taking handouts but that is not all americans. really there is another side to that story. really it is a side worth giving some attention to.
if government never stepped in during the depression we wouldn't have some of the great programs that FDR put in place and are still functioning to this day. government is there to serve and in this way they are serving well. now does there need to be better accountability for our government ABSOLUTELY but that's where you and I come in and if we are willing to do that then they run a muck and screw us over. i for one am going to be writing congressman dean heller every five seconds when I see that he is not voting well for us here. i am more upset that that schmuck got in than i would have been if mccain won.

digapigmy said...

heller constantly supports my right to play online poker, so he's ok in my book.

if they are legal, then they should be more upset than most about the state of illegal immigration. imagine the extra money for all of us if we didn't pay for all their benefits: free education, welfare, medicaid, etc.

social security is now a disaster in need of bailing out because people took it as a sign that they didn't need to save for their own retirement. they didn't need to worry about medical thanks to social security. the new deal was the beginning of the end of the american way of life. i might dislike fdr more than kennedy if it is possible. in fact, most ecomonics textbooks will tell you that fdr's plans deepened and lengthened the great depression before it ever did any good . . . go into a recession, raise taxes on people who still have money and drive them away to other countries, make them lay off more people, make them hide their money and remove it from American banks . . . pretty much what obama will do for us now. and the good was incredibly short lived and created more future problems than it ever solved. bloated welfare, thanks fdr. expecting the government to support us in our old age, thanks fdr.

we are still paying for the new deal and the entitlement it fostered in the american people.

noel said...

wow, Brent what president's politics do you agree with? I don't see what FDR did the same way at all- the way I see it he provided for senior citizens to no longer live in poverty, unemployment insurance for those who had lost jobs, he helped the disabled, he created labor laws that made it so that my 10 year old could not be exploited to stock shelves at Wal-Mart, minimum wage, forty hour work week, he realized that there needed to be some regulations when it came to money otherwise people become increasingly greedy and you have on your hands what we left england for.
Let's not even get into my love for Kennedy.
I suppose you would agree with Reagan, I found this quote from him today and it made me think of you, " Government is not the solution to our problem; but government is the problem"
I agree with that in so many ways and I love Ronald Reagan. He was the last good Republican president that we have had.
On a sidenote- Shawn said on the election night that the republicans would have to pick a Latino for the next president election and I just saw the other day on the news the GOP's next hopeful up and coming Bobby Jindal. Boy did he ever call that one.

noel said...

Okay I don't think Bobby is Latino , correction Indian American so Shawn was somewhat right in that he is a minority but not Latino.

digapigmy said...

i don't agree with any President's politics that involve a graduated tax structure or a minimum wage. the minimum wage has been an economic disaster that has led to uncontrolled inflation and sent millions of jobs overseas.

it's sad, but shawn probably is right. it's a culture enamored with appearance and where ethnicity is quite possibly the single most important distinction amongst people, unless you're gay of course. ooh, a gay minority republican with a woman vp candidate . . . another "historical" election in the making

Trista said...

I didn't read all of them, but thanks Brint, you say the insensitive things that I want to say so much better than I can sometimes, although I don't agree with it all.
So much for accountability, personal responsibility, hard work, etc. I am planning a blog soon. I love you Noel, you know that, but the thing is, most people wont even know when he transitions us into socialism because of his mesmerising speeches and ability to say nothing and blame other people for rational questioning. He is masterful.

Murdoc said...

That takes us back to my first comment: Snake oil salesman.

noel said...

ha, caught you !! tsk tsk trista trying to sneak in on this one a little sneak you are.
ah well i am over it and i have nothing to say to you except that not only is he masterful he's cute too!!

miss jessica said...

Please tell me you're joking about the "cute" part...really?

noel said...

yes miss jess, i was joking. he looks kinda cute though in a kermit the frog kinda way.

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