Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Party at my house tonight at 6p



SeƱor H said...

I hate living so far away.

laura said...

Shouldn't you be studying tonight???

Erica said...

I saw this at 6:36...or is this a celebration party? ;)

digapigmy said...

sorry, tonight's election makes no one at my place feel like partying. stashing cash in pillow cases along with guns and canned food, maybe, but it's probably not that kind of party

Jeni said...

I suck... I waited until my usual time to read blogs, and now I am being punished for it. Have a drink for me!

noel said...

dave- i hate that too.
erica- no it was a result party and then i and only one other in company were celebrating.
brent- so dramatic!!
jeni- i should have called you but yes "celebrate good times come on!!"

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