Monday, December 05, 2005

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

For the last 4 years or so the Scofields have had the tradition of cutting down thier own tree. It was a tradition that was of course my brilliant idea, and I think the family just indulged me. Since I was a little girl I have always thought that it was the coolest thing to hear of other families who made a whole day out of picking out thier beloved tree. Going for a ride in the country, sipping hot cocoa, ya know the whole shibang, so naturally when I got older , got to do things my way, I started this tradition with our family.
Well, this year we had planned to join up with some friends and make it a family/friend event(even more fun) but as the flu-bug descended upon the Scofield house , plans got rearranged.
So, we didn't get to go cut down our tree this year but instead went down to our freindly Lowe's and picked up a beautiful douglas fir for under $20 bucks. We made the decision rather quick, threw the tree on top of the Ford and were home about 20 minutes later. My Emma says to me as we are walking through our front door, " See mom if we were cutting down our tree this year we wouldn't be home til it was dark" I didn't appreciate her tone.
Then as we are setting up the tree and having a great time decorating cause we are not all tired from the drive and the hike to find the tree it dawns on me ...."What the heck, this is the most perfect , beautiful , tree we have had in a long time and maybe , just maybe I was wrong about the whole "cutting down our own tree". Just then then the Giants says what I am thinking and we both laugh. He's never been big on the cutting down our own tree thing either(maybe cause he's a realist and i not so much)but like a good hubbie he's been great about doing it all these years anyway.
I'm not saying we won't ever do it again but ya know , just rethinking the whole "traditions" thing and the novelty of it all verses the reality.
Anyway, it was a beautiful day until flu-bug strikes child number 3!!!


debi said...

we cut our own tree, once. it is a lot of work, it is cold, plus i picked a 14 foot tree. i would not settle for any other. but it was the perfect tree.

georgia said...

I hope the flu bug will vacate the premises quickly!

I converted to artificiality many years ago and haven't looked back.

No dry, dropping needles or warped ornaments from misting the tree. :)

But the real ones are beautiful and smell good, especially when they're fresh.

Double D said...

first skipping the parade, now the whole christmas tree thing...Moses has some good ideas

Jeni said...

I never had a real Christmas tree until the first time Becca and I went to cut one down. We had a great time and repeated the experience last year. I love the experience of a road trip, stopping at Halelujah Junction to buy permits and a scratch off lotto ticket, a snowball fight, picking the perfect tree, cutting it down, dragging it all over tarnation to get back to the car and driving back all in one day.

digapigmy said...

i convinced my wife to go artificial our first christmas being married. it is so sweet. it is often set up without my presence - it's so easy. i'm not scrooge, but i'm not the decorating type either . . .

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