Monday, December 12, 2005

My husband is a genius!!!

Ok so problem with photo number one has been solved by the genius giant.
He photo shopped Em's non-smile and replaced it with the lovely pose in another photo as well as made Sol's smile a lil bigger as well, exhibit right.
Now, this makes me wonder is this like genetic reprogramming? You know like you don't like what you get so you get to change it
Kinda wierd but really great for the dilema's of a family full of small children who rarely to never are all looking and smiling in the same direction.


TPluckyT said...

We had a huge family reunion in Nebraska several years ago. Only three members of our entire family (parents, 5 siblings, their spouses and children) didn't make it.

My brother digitally inserted the three missing people in the family photo we took so no one would be left out. It looks kind of weird.

Your picture looks great, but it's because your kids are so cute.

JayBird said...

i'm all for the "editing" tools when it comes to "less than focused" individuals in pictures.

Double D said...

what about emma's 2 bows one her head?

noel said...

i didn't realize that all he changed was zay's head onto the picture where everyone else was smiling but him. huh, that's funny.

digapigmy said...

nice! that fooled everyone. we were all looking for all the things that were wrong with his photoshop job (like i was thinking emma's head looks like it didn't get pasted just right, guess we'll have to take that up with God now) and it was really just zay's head from the previous picture on a different one. it's amazing how good that technology is. if only they had photoshop 40 years ago that picture of some guy posing with his gun with lee harvey oswalds head on top wouldn't look so fake

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