Monday, November 14, 2016

This Moment post Election Day

written  on November 7th
I've been working really hard this year on being present in the moment. 
For me to not dwell on the past or think too far ahead in the future is a real challenge.
I was born with what some would call a sentimental heart. 
This kind of heart doesn't recover quickly from past events or feel safe enough with the constant change and upcoming events.
I'm working on having peace in whatever moment I find myself in, and fully embracing what that looks like.
At the beginning of last year I remember feeling a distinct nudge to stay fully present in the moment.
Last January I had ALOT of change ahead of me with a graduate and my first adult child taking flight from my nest and I knew I could no longer just go hide under the covers and hope that nothing would ever change.
And so because of that impending change coming down the tracks at the beginning of 2016 I chose a word like I do every year to remind me to stay focused.
My word for the New Year was to "Embrace" all that is happening in the present moment. 
I have come to realize this year that... 
this is easier said than done.
I have to say though, that recently with all the political hype that's going on I have never wanted a day to be over sooner than I want tomorrow to be over and done with.
November 8th is almost here and I find myself thinking... Can we just call it a day already?!
I know there are SO many blogs, articles, radio shows, podcasts, interviews etc about this upcoming election and all of them seemingly more negative than the last.
As a parent of a daughter who is finally old enough to vote for the first time in her life I feel so saddened by the current political conversation.
Early on in this election she told me that she didn't even think she would vote, and she will tell you that when she said that I let loose with a conversation about how important it is that we not take for granted our right to vote, especially as women who were once denied this right.
But, as I sit here and type these words this morning... One day before D-day I feel her discouragement, and for the first time in all the years that I have been of legal age to vote I am seriously considering taking that route.
It saddens me to even admit that to you beloved reader... but it is the truth. 
I honestly cannot and will NOT stomach my hand voting for either of these candidates.
Neither one deserves the honor of being called The President of the United States.
Neither one of them deserves our defense of why they did this, or how that isn't as bad as this, that, or the other thing that the other one did.
Neither one of them has United this country and before either one of them has even been given that great honor they have caused SO much unrest and discord that I can't imagine it getting any better in the next 4 years or God forbid 8 years of them being in office.
I won't give up voting on the local level and I hope other people who are feeling just like me will realize that to not vote on the local level is even more important than those two "ding- bats" ahem sorry I mean either of the two candidates before us now , but if you ask me who I voted for after November 8th I will tell you some local names of people I hope can make a difference and I will work really hard to embrace whatever may happen after November 8th. 
But if I could just suggest one thing to all of you who may have taken the time to read this, remember that these two people who are standing before you asking for your vote of confidence in them are not where our faith should be placed. 
written in THIS present MOMENT , November 14th
Well the day came and went and I am happy to report to you beloved reader that I did indeed vote. 
The day I wanted so badly to just be over with is over and NOW in this moment in time I'm trying to be present and embrace what the outcome of that day has brought about.
I voted for;  none of the above.
That is my right to not choose one or the other of the candidates that were placed before me.
I would gladly tell you why I chose to go that route, but for the sake of this blog I share my vote with you only to let you know that I'm not going to defend or discount either of the choices that were put before us on that historic November 8th 2016.
And now here I am in the middle ground of what I see happening in this country.
Here's the thing I want to say post November 8th 2016 ;
No matter who you voted for, no matter how shocked you may be by the outcome remember this election should NOT change the fact that like it or not we are in this together. 
If you want to continue to be the UNITED States of America then work toward unification.
"You act out what you want to see in reality"
I have been given the fortunate blessing of travel in my lifetime.
I have traveled outside of these four walls or borders called the UNITED STATES for many years.
 I think from my very young teen years until now,  from all of these travels I have learned SO much. 
I truly loved every trip and there have been many, but at the end of every one of them I felt this sentiment; 
"Be it ever so humble there's no place like home"

I'm grateful beyond measure to have been born here.
There are SO many reasons why I love this country, but I think one of the greatest reasons is because of our diversity. 
To the native americans who were here first, to all the rest of us immigrants that discovered this beautiful land we are ALL so diverse and amazing and fascinating. 
As we approach a holiday that is truly america at it's finest , Thanksgiving let's not forget to be thankful for this moment.
Our diversity IS what makes us a great nation and we should never forget that. 

I have family members and very close friends who voted for Trump, and I love them ... deeply LOVE them beyond any vote they may have cast on November 8th,  I LOVE THEM.
I have family members and very close friends who voted for Clinton, and I love them... deeply LOVE them beyond any vote they may have cast on November 8th,  I LOVE THEM.
And I have family members and very close friends who voted for the VERY first time in their VERY long lives for none of the above like I did, and I LOVE THEM.
This is what we all have to remember now ... 
Whatever the reason for your vote don't forget to keep LOVE for your fellow man or woman at the forefront of everything you do and say right NOW!
If you are so discouraged by Trump becoming President because of the awful things he has said and done don't forget that in order to conquer hate and fear your ONLY weapon of choice is LOVE!
Remember that Trump is only one man and his wife only one woman. 
Remember that this country is and always has been GREAT, because of YOU!
If you are giddy over the fact that Clinton isn't the president that you are now coming out of the closet and defending Trump remember to season your victory with grace, and peace, and LOVE!!
Remember that this country is also flawed and has done some atrocious things because of YOU!
Your words, your actions, your vote means something.
Remember that to agree to disagree, agreeably is WISDOM at it's finest.
Remember that YOU can make a difference no matter where you live or where you work you are what changes the world we ALL live in.
Remember that LOVE casts out ALL fear.
Remember that LOVE always wins.


J duncan said...

You do it to me every time cousin- ��God has granted you such a gift- thank you for these beautiful needed at this time

No(dot dot)el said...

Thank you cousin for being a champion of LOVE and one of my all time favorite cousins !! <3

No(dot dot)el said...

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