Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Turning a Corner

The days are going by so fast my heart can hardly keep up with what my brain is telling me is really taking place. 

What is really taking place is that after we turn the corner and begin a new year 2016 will usher in one fully grown, legal young adult Scofield and another 16 year old legal to drive Scofield... And soon after those two have birthdays the youngest Scofield baby bird will have his last year of childhood before he enters into true "teen" years.


I tell myself, It's all normal. 
It happens everyday right before my eyes.
It's healthy and good what's happening.
But, somehow my eyes don't believe me and the water works appear for no reason...

Ok well maybe there are reasons why I've    been a weepy hot mess over here.

Anyone who has parented teenagers can tell you that it is NOT for the faint of heart.
Some would say,  (Ellen my Ma wisest woman on the face of the earth)  that in fact "Parenting is NOT for cowards!" 
And ya know what? I gotta tell ya, this past year that saying my momma has said since the day I became a mom 17 years ago has never rung more true.

I won't go into detail to respect my kids privacy but I will tell you my new favorite life analogy that makes it easier for me to sleep better at night( parents of littles take note)

I like to think of my kids as no longer being baby birds that need to be fed right from momma. 

No they are the brave, juvenile, still somewhat baby birds who haven't left the nest yet and as they prepare to spread those wings and fly some things have to happen first.

There needs to be these little flutters from four little birds that are getting ready to spread their wings and fly. 

Little flutters that some might call teenage rebellion, but I choose to see them as flutters of independence.

 I know the day is quickly approaching when they will no longer need to ask my permission about life choices. 

I'm hoping that they might still value my opinion and ask for it once in a while, but ultimately they have got to launch out of this cozy, safe, somewhat clean nest and fly into a world of unknowns and so these flutters I choose to see as them testing out their wing span.

I'm also truly thankful that even though I can't go with them wherever they choose to fly I know the lover of their souls will be with them at every strong wind and storm. 
I still believe that THE greatest gift I can give them as momma bird is that of faith. 

And although I don't have the ability to open their eyes to see and their ears to hear I can certainly turn their heads and hearts in a direction or a way that is a good way to walk or in this life analogy to 

And so we will turn this corner and by the grace of God we will make it thru the brave adolescent bird years where I'm sure there will be many more wings fluttering and flapping but eventually we will see them take flight. 

Until then I will wait... And while I wait I will not be idle or full of fear for the next fluttering... I will wait upon the Lover of my Soul who will give me strength for these days ahead. 
The book of Isaiah chapter 40, verse 31 has some good things to say about this waiting-parenting game plan I've got going on ... There's something about soaring and flying in there too  ;) 

Nothing But Love <3 Noël



Unknown said...

I cried. I'm feeling this too as my son becomes more curious and inquisitive. I loved every word...you are an amazing soul. See you soon.

Amy Donovan said...

Lol..it's Amy!! It won't let me save a profile :-)

No(dot dot)el said...

Hi Amy thanks for stopping by :) these blogs are strange not letting you save a profile

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