Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bullet Point Rambles Update

I haven't really had a lot of time for blogging, and you can't imagine the dust that occurred here while I've been gone.
Not only is there dust on my computer but all over my house as well.
I think the only thing that doesn't have dust on it these days are my window blinds that my son Solomon was paid quite handsomely to clean. 

It has come to this.

Paying my children to do my chores, or are they solely my chores now that I'm not a "stay at home" momma anymore?
Well, either way I'm happy to pay someone, anyone, to get this place in order... but then that paycheck doesn't really seem to last very long. 
Double sigh.
What's a girl to do?
If you have that answer please leave your wisdom and insight in the box marked comments below.

That's me, at work, working hard!

This is just one of the musings that have been kicking around in my brain as of late, but nothing of real substance.

I have however been having some random thoughts and ideas about life in general, but don't expect anything profound here. 
If you are looking for inspiration this might not be the blog post for ya. 
Here's another random thought;
The battery charge red zone on my phone.
It starts with the warning 
"20% battery remaing"
To which I normally just dismiss, and I think eh... I have some time.
When it gets to the 10% warning I start to kind of get worried if I'm out and about and not near a charger.
And when I'm down to 5% or less I go into full on anxiety attacks!! 
O.k. that might be a bit dramatic but I start to freak a little I'm not gonna lie.

So this past week, I was grocery shopping no time to stop and in total go mode and my battery got pretty darn low, and I had this thought ...
I act as though my phone is a person.
That if it dies, it won't come back to me.
That the world will stop and the tragedies that could occur while having a dead phone are too many to mention.
And well, this just really bothered me.
I began to think about the days before cell phones.
Do you even remember those days?
Tell me your thoughts on this beloved readers?
How do you react to a low battery?
Do you freak out like it's a person dying or are you cool as a cucumber about it all?

That random thought might be a sign that I need to unplug a bit more.

And now for a personal update;

My brother got married this weekend.
I think I still might be in shock.
I remember this pesky lil boy who would drive me nutts pretty much on a regular basis, as all little brothers do.
And now he's married to a beautiful woman who I can officially say I'm happy to call sister. 
I love them both.

They will continue to make a great team.
And I can hardly wait for some lil nieces and nephews... thee hee hee!!
Following in Grandma Ellen's footsteps there ;)

And finally the last topic that's been rolling around in my brain is the fact that since I've turned 40 I have gone on this kind of inward strike and I'm unconsciously boycotting all traditions that I used to hold so near and dear to my heart.

It's not totally even a strike as much as it is just an attitude.
Well, see, even attitude sounds too harsh.
It's more like my new favorite sentiment toward life right now,
I'm not sure why I feel this way about the traditions that used to be oh so important to me, but if I figure it out I'll let you know.


Before you go getting all hot and bothered that I won't have the traditional Pie Party in November... simmer down
I will forever be A Girl for all Seasons
What up Grease 2 circa 1989 ;)
It's a passing phase I can tell you that much.

That's really all I've got for now folks.
That and Happy almost May 1st!!


Jen(M)Simmons said...

oh my seester and all your beautiful blogging ways. <3 - meh and MOAH!!

No(dot dot)el said...

HA !! I'M a dork but I'm glad you love me ;)

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