Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The True Christmas Spirit

The above painting is one My talented Giant created a few years back. 
It used to bother me SO much, but I have come to really appreciate some things this painting now means to me.  I like it so much so that I leave it up all year long now.
I'm not sure what Moses inspiration was for the above painting, but I have an inkling he was trying to make a statement.
Moses ... make a statement?
Psh...  that's just crazy talk!
(insert a huge dose of sarcasm)
Now that I have gotten over my offense of the above statement I  have some thoughts about this Creepy, Crazy-eyed Santa as well now.
The first of which is the very obvious fact that
this is the face of a man/Santa who does NOT have the true Christmas spirit. Or what we have come to know as the peaceful, joyful, and loving face of Santa.  It actually reflects quite the opposite of the that.  This Crazy- eyed Santa reminds me of the frenzy we can all put ourselves in come every December 1st.
Enter Buddy the Elf quote,
"You're not Santa. You sit on a throne of lies. You smell like beef and cheese!"
Oh, how I love me some Buddy the Elf... Rut roh... I feel myself getting distracted from the point I wanted to make here.
I suppose why I wanted to write this post is because often times by the end of December that face up there may as well be MY face.
Ok... maybe my eyes aren't blue and I'm not a man but whatever you get the point!!
I need a few reminders (just a few), and maybe you need them too, that Christmas is about SO much more than the temporal high of retail therapy. 
There is something magical about this time of year no doubt about it, but I'm left wondering why it doesn't last?
And why is it that this "spirit of Christmas" comes over us all, and the world becomes kinder and people seem more at peace?
  I'm going to try and answer some of those questions.
At the same time, I'd like to relate to you Beloved reader, what I think the full portion of the beauty of Christmas really is all about.
Bare with me as we follow down Dickens road of Christmas Past, Present and Future. 
Not really... I just added that for dramatic effect!

I woke up this morning with this deep thought about Christmas and the true spirit of Christmas.
We have all heard it said that the best things in this life are free, and while I completely, whole heartedly believe that, why is it that every Christmas season I work myself right up into a full blown tizzy about what to get for who, and how much money it's costing, and how there isn't enough hours in the day to get all the crafting, baking and gifts done, nor all the memories jammed pack with my Fab 4 kids,
and so on and so forth.
 I literally wasn't sleeping the first week of this month because of all the thoughts running through my brain. 

Can anyone else out there relate? 
And then I read this scripture  ;
"Stop toiling and doing and producing for the food that perishes and decomposes(in the using), but strive and work and produce rather for the lasting food which endures continually unto life eternal; the Son of Man will give, (furnish) you that, for God the Father has authorized and certified Him and put His seal of endorsement upon Him."
John 6:26

Hmm... lasting food? 
A complete and utter stop of toiling, doing, producing?
Gifts that keep on giving?
Eternal Food?
Does that mean I don't have to grocery shop ever again? ;)
What does that even look like?
As I read this scripture I was reminded about the app I installed Nov 28th  on my phone called, Advent.
It consists of daily scriptures all about Jesus arrival to earth. 
It was an easy way to remind myself to be determined in having a different attitude this Christmas. 
I also really wanted to participate in Advent this year.
The word Advent is derived from the latin word that means, "Coming" 
So Advent is a time to remember "The Lord is Coming" 
Well, as a Christ follower I know the Lord has come,  and will come again, but as we approach the day we have chosen here in America to celebrate as his birthday I wanted to keep my focus on that phrase....
"The Lord is Coming"

This Christmas season I  wanted to be really purposeful to prepare my heart for HIS coming.
I wanted to treat Christmas day like a day that I would prepare my house(my house being my heart) for like a visit from the President. In doing this I realized my thoughts keep coming back to what the greatest thing about Christmas is. If I'm being honest I have to say it has been a challenge.
Refer to the paragraph above where I admit that I wasn't sleeping the first week of this month.
In my mind and heart I believe the reason Christmas is so special is because we celebrate 
the greatest gift to humanity.
That is the one and only fully man and fully God, Jesus Christ. 
But, in my actions and reactions I wasn't staying there.

On staying there.
His arrival to this planet over 2000 years ago is what we are all still talking about today.
 And his walk on this planet for only 33 years is what has eternally changed my life and the lives of so many other people.
I say all of this because 
whether you believe in Jesus or not you can appreciate the words that he said and the love that he gave to so many.
Unlike Santa Clause
You participate in the "Christmas Spirit" every year by doing what
You do unto others as you would have them do to you. 
You give more than you get.
 You love big and judge small.
These are all principles and teachings that are from the heart of God.
HE is the Father of Christmas.

Those of us who really truly do believe in him, we above all others should be getting that overwhelming sense of peace that some only experience around this time of year. 
We have been given that gift for everyday of our lives.
A peace that surpasses understanding is what we all long and look for. 
If you don't have it, then may I suggest you look to the greatest gift that was ever given.
He came as a baby.
He died as a 33 year old man.
He lived for you to know you are BELOVED.
He heals.
He restores.
He gives peace.




Sonia Parham said...

great post! :)

shontell said...

I hear you and see your point but this Santa still creeps me out. Remember when Sam wouldn't be in the same room as this is and the blue guy? He's a soul reader.
I think your face has been just loverly. Nary a stink eye.

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