Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wait Wha?

I found myself asking that question,
"Wait Wha?"

Followed by,
"School starts August 11th ?" 

And then followed by a rebellious,

"Oh Hell No!!" 

Put your seat belt on you are in for a wild ride rant, by yours truly.
Starting school in August is just wrong!!
It's wrong on so many levels, but the first of which I will say is the weather is too damn HOT for any student, or teacher for that matter to even focus let alone learn!
Can I get a witness?
Also, August does not go well with my Apple theme that I like to pull out once September rolls around. 
August is NOT apple season and so therefore school should not start in August.
I'm not sure the Washoe County school district really cares about holiday/monthly decor but dammit that should. 

And one more final thought I will leave you with before I stop this rant is that I feel like I have been robbed when school starts back up in August.
Robbed of summer memories.
Robbed of Island time.
Robbed of family time.
Ok, I believe I'm done with my rant you can take your seat belt off now, 
or not 
if you feel safer that way.

Does anyone else have thoughts on starting school in August?

What's your rant been about lately?
I've heard several rants about the whole Ice Bucket challenge.
I was challenged twice.
I chose to decline. 
But, that's a rant for another day.




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