Friday, June 13, 2014

Coming To A Close

Hello There Beloved Reader.
As we are wrapping up the school year over here I'm doing that thing that I do when I get all sentimental and stuff.

Are there anymore participants that would like to join me on this little journey down sentimental lane?
O.k. grab a box of kleenex and let's go!

When we began the school year this year my Fab 4 were the "new kids" as we had just moved back from Seattle WA, to Reno NV.
We started the year with one in H.S. two in Middle School and one in Elementary school.
That's three schools full of strangers.
And just so we are clear, 
 that's three drop offs and three pick ups

The first few days of school in August were quite emotional for them all because they headed into the unknown without each other, and without  a single, solitary friend.
Not one single person who knew them.
When we moved to WA almost 5 years ago they were all at the same elementary school. 
I believe with all my heart that was a gift from God.
Emma was in 6th grade, Chloe in 4th, Solomon in 2nd and Isaiah had just started Kindergarten.

I was SO grateful at that time that even though no one else knew them, they had each other.

To be known is a treasure that cannot be overrated.

Coming back here though they were all spread out, and seemingly alone.
I remember the first week, needles to say, there were lots of tears shed as they came home to describe a school environment that was quite different than the one they had known in Washington.
We managed to push through to the sunny side of the street, and they all are stronger for it, but as the momma bear, I'm not gonna lie,  it was hard to watch sometimes.

There were some mornings that I felt just like it did when they let go with their teeny tiny hand and headed off to the big bad world of kindergarten.
You know that moment when you hold your breath and once again trust that this life won't break them?
I relied heavily upon this scripture;

"Fear not for I am with you even to the end of the age."

Even to High School.
Even to Middle School.
Even to the 4th grade.

My two "middles" as I call them, tugged at my heart strings more than any other. 
They were the ones that wanted to stay in Washington.
They were the ones who LOVED where we lived.
They are the ones who are a tad bit more on the introverted side.
They are the ones who shed the most tears that first week.
I can honestly say they are my heroes. 
I can' t even imagine starting middle school as the newbies.

When I read the quote below the other day it made me think of them.

“Courage doesn't always roar.
 Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow.” 
Mary Anne Radmacher

For that is exactly what they did. 
They kept getting up day after day and making their way through halls where no one called out there name or greeted them at the door.
I'm beyond proud of them as you can clearly hear in my writing, but more than pride I feel grateful.
They are their own people.
I can't take credit for the behavior that they exhibit or who God created them to be.
So, more than pride I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude.

Gratitude for 
who they have been,
who they will become 
who they are.

Also I'm a tad bit excited and grateful that 
Let the fun summer memories begin.

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