Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Solomon turns 10

10 years ago I became the mother of my first son. 10 years of "I love you's" from my little prince. 10 years of slugs, inventions, spontaneous wrestling matches, action heroes, legos, baseball games, bugs, lizards, and overall fun.

I am currently reading Bringing Up Boys, by James Dobson (again) for reminders of how to do just that. I want to bring up this Boy, Solomon to be in love Jesus more than life itself.

For me bringing up boys is harder than it looks. You see because, I come from a family of mostly girls. I do have two brothers but they were so spread out in age that I never got to see brothers in action. And being of the female species I often finding myself in a territory unknown.

I ask my husband all the time if the things that our boys do is "normal" or should I be concerned? When should I consult a professional ?

Before I had children I used to say that I wanted only boys! HA ha ha , serious LOL on that one. God knew. He knew what I needed and what I could handle.

All of that to say, that the last 10 years although it has kept me busy and on my toes I wouldn't trade Solomon for the world.
Not even when he went through the phase of sticking things up his nose!!

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